KHM Travel Group Strengthens Support for Group Travel

Written by: Michelle on April 28, 2023

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Enhancements have been made to better integrate and increase KHM Travel Group’s support of agents in selling group travel. With these new changes, team members with group expertise will be fully incorporated into our agent support functions. 

What makes a group booking? A group booking can vary depending on the group type. Land groups contract group space with a minimum of 10 rooms (20 people). Cruise groups contract with a minimum of 8 cabins (16 people). A group is based on the number of accommodations needed and not a specific amount of passengers traveling.

Our group travel support includes ensuring travel agents are well informed about what it takes to successfully execute a group booking, from start to finish. Using knowledge and experience, our team assists travel agents with understanding elements like researching the target audience, obtaining group options, contracting with the supplier, and working with the group leader. 

“Rather than having a small number of our team working independently on group travel, we will now have expertise in group travel in several different functional areas. By doing this, we are confident that we will be able to deliver more effective education and engagement programs for group travel and as a result, help our agents to better grow and serve their group clients.”

President and CEO Rick Zimmerman, President and CEO

A greater focus is also being placed on representing and promoting ASTA, CLIA, PATH, and other important industry organizations. Vice President of Industry Relations Anita Pagliasso, CTIE, will continue to build the host agency’s presence within travel associations. Most recently, Anita was elected to ASTA’s Board of Directors. Currently, KHM Travel Group’s Executives serve in several key leadership roles in travel organizations and supplier advisory boards. 

Explore our website or read reviews from our agents to learn more about what KHM Travel Group offers in terms of support, resources, and industry connections. When you’re ready to enroll, call our team or complete our online application to become a travel agent.

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