Managing Success as a Travel Agent

Written by: Michelle on April 25, 2024

April 2024 Boot Camp
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After hosting two successful Boot Camp 2.0 events this year, we’ve heard from a variety of agents about managing success. While each KHM Travel Group Agent operates their own independent brand/business, you’ll hear similar advice from those with climbing sales and satisfied clients. It’s all about setting goals and being authentic in your business!

Our April Boot Camp 2.0 attendees learned about a wide range of topics at the event. Among the most popular sessions that covered an essential piece of owning a business was Understanding your Agency Finances. Information about travel expenses, cash management, and Errors & Omissions insurance were just a few of the topics discussed. Agents had several “I didn’t know that!” moments and walked away with new best practices.

Along with finances, marketing is another area that contributes to an agent’s success. Using free social media tools and making your business stand out with engaging content is one way to grow your business. But it doesn’t stop at promoting your value. The ways in which you interact with your clients and the care you take for planning their vacations can lead to repeat business and referrals…two factors that our most successful agents say is a game changer.

Learning can help you stay on top of what’s happening in the industry. Equally as important is making connections. As a travel agent, networking can help you expand your mindset and discover new opportunities.

Watch this video to learn more about how our top-earning travel agents are managing success:

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In-person education is one of the advantages of partnering with a host travel agency like KHM Travel Group. Discover our other amazing benefits like personal support, high commissions, and marketing resources to help you achieve success – just to name a few! Call our team at 888.611.1220 or complete our membership request form today.

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