Our 2018 Show Us Your Compass Winner is… Carmel Karp!

Written by: Michelle on September 26, 2018

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This year’s Show Us Your Compass photo contest really brought out the creativity in our agents! Our agents took their copies of The Compass Magazine all over the world, reading it with feathered friends on the beaches of Aruba and in the glow of an active volcano. We loved seeing all of your fantastic submissions!

Last year’s winner took us under the waves, and this year’s winner has us ready to take to the skies! Carmel Karp, owner of Buh Bye Travel in California, captured what it truly means to be a travel agent with her clever photo and caption. We asked her to share her inspiration behind her submission and more about her journey as a travel agent.

What gave you the idea for your #MyKHMCompass photo submission?

I like to enter every year, because it is such a fun contest and a great opportunity. I usually bring my Compass on my family vacation in June, but this year I accidentally forgot to bring it to our Italian vacation. I knew I had to think of something that would be unique and creative from my home in Los Angeles, since I would not be traveling again before the deadline to enter. It needed to show “who you are and where you come from.”

Well, being on an airplane was part of my life! I flew 24+ years as a flight attendant for American Airlines, and my husband is a pilot for Delta Air Lines. The life of travel is part of who I am, and what our family is all about. Being a travel agent has become a natural part of my life’s journey because I always loved helping family and friends plan their travels. Now I can officially help family, friends, and clients plan their stress-free and enjoyable vacations.

What do you think made your photo stand out?

I think as simple as my photo is, it is the caption that represented the message. The message being that you can trust a travel agent to be in control of your trip, much like the captain on your flight. We are with you from beginning to end, and we will make sure that your trip will be as smooth as possible.

You won a spot on our Crystal Conference & Awards cruise next year! What was your reaction when you found out?

I was completely shocked and humbled. I saw all of the amazing and creative entries, so I really did not expect to win. I am beyond grateful!

What have you enjoyed or found most valuable about your experience at past Crystal Conferences?

This is my favorite KHM Travel live event because I find the networking opportunities with our BDMs to be invaluable. I also love that they include a trade show, training, and a ship inspection. They can also include site inspections if you choose to venture on the port days. I love the interaction with the KHM Travel staff. I also enjoy meeting the other agents and the enthusiasm of just being with the KHM Travel family. I tell new agents that if you can only go to one event a year, this one has it all!

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with your fellow agents, to help them for future photo contests?

I would say to choose a setting that represents you, your personality, and the world of travel. In my case a lot of luck helped too, since there were so many amazing entries.

What is your favorite part of your job as a travel agent?

I love helping people plan their vacations. I have spent over 30 years in the travel industry in different capacities. It is so rewarding to use my past experience to help people. I love to see the world and visit new places on my continually growing bucket list. I also have made some great lifelong friends and colleagues who share my passion for travel. That has been one of the most wonderful gifts of all.

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