Owning a Home-Based Travel Agency Rocks!

Written by: Stephanie on February 24, 2022

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Prior to the emergence of the Internet, opportunities to work from home — and earn a decent income — were scarce. Now, more Americans than ever before list their home as their primary place of work.

This includes KHM Travel Group’s 4,000+ independent travel agents around the U.S. While some travel agencies continue to operate brick-and-mortar locations, working from home has several major advantages for travel professionals. And yes, this includes making bookings in your pajamas!

Here are a few reasons why owning a home-based travel agency rocks:

1. Plan for minimal start-up costs.

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Most of our travel agents already have the most important things needed to launch their businesses from home: a computer, a cell phone, and a relatively fast Internet connection. Starting a business always involves an investment, but when you work from home, the costs are minimal. You’ll spend less time worrying about rent and more time developing your travel business.

2. Create a work space that’s comfortable for you.

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When you run your own travel agency, the key is finding a space where you can be productive and focus on your business. That could be in your favorite recliner, a beautifully-decorated home office, or a quiet corner of a neighborhood cafe. It’s your business, so you decide where your office is each day. Surround yourself with décor or music to make each work day serene and productive.

3. Spend more time working, and less time commuting.

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Which of these things sounds more profitable for your travel business: sitting in rush hour for 45 minutes each day, or spending those minutes researching and communicating with clients about their trips? As a home-based travel agent, you can be productive from the moment you’ve had your coffee. Or, if you’re in need of a little “me time” before sitting down to work, you can use those minutes for reading a good book, a bit of morning yoga, or a quick walk around the block with the dog.

4. Build a schedule that works for you.

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Our travel agents come from all backgrounds and situations — some dedicate 40+ hours a week to their business, while some work just a few. Whether you bid farewell to your 9-to-5 routine or keep your regular full-time job and spend time on your travel business in the evenings, you have the flexibility to do what works for you.

5. Be there for the important moments.

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You won’t be clocking in and clocking out of your own travel agency, and the only person you’ll be answering to is your client. Your business travels with you, so you can attend your kids’ events and activities, spend a long weekend away with friends, or take that anniversary cruise you have been dreaming about.

6. Make vacation days part of your working days!

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Being an independent travel agent means that your job is vacations! And you should experience them to gain the knowledge you’ll need to assist your clients. KHM Travel Group is constantly in communication with our agents about upcoming FAM (familiarization) trips to popular destinations and resorts that provide you with a change of pace, a change of scenery, and a fun way to improve your knowledge as a travel professional.

What do all of these benefits add up to for owners of home-based travel agencies? Less stress and more freedom, for starters. Sure, there will be challenges with any new business, but that’s what KHM Travel Group’s education and support teams are for!

Want more info about owning a home-based travel agency? We’re here to help you make the decision easier. Fill out the form on the right to access our free Travel Agent Information Guide or chat with a member of our team at 1-888-611-1220.

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