Perks of Being a Home-Based Travel Agent

Written by: Stephanie on July 14, 2023

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Working as a home-based travel agent, you are sure to save time and money. Not needing to invest in an office space is a huge perk, and eliminating a commute also eliminates stress, especially if it spares you from rush hour traffic.

Besides saving time and money, there are a few lesser-known benefits you’ll enjoy as a home-based travel business. Check out the list below, and see which unexpected perks await you as a home-based travel agent!

1. Save on gas – and have fewer car troubles.

Since you don’t have to commute to work, you’ll save money on gas (or whatever your preferred method of transportation is.) You’ll also put less wear and tear on your vehicle by staying at home, which means you’ll spend less money on car maintenance too!

2. More quality time with your dog/cat/guinea pig/fish.

It’s hard to leave your furry friends alone all day, but when you work from home, you can keep each other company! This is especially helpful for our youngest and oldest animal companions, which often require a bit more care and attention. Enjoy some petting between phone calls, throw a ball between emails, and sneak out for a walk at lunch time.

3. Snack whenever and as often as you want; enjoy lunch at home.

Another trip to the fridge between breakfast and lunch? Sneaking a forkful of the cake on the counter when you’re on hold with a supplier? Your home office is a no-judgment zone! Plus, you don’t have to tote your meals back and forth or spend extra money going out because you forgot your lunch at home. A hot, freshly prepared lunch is always an option too when you have access to your kitchen all day!

4. You’ll have complete control over your work environment.

Setting up a home office that meets your needs is beneficial for your productivity and happiness! Your business can literally be run from your most comfy chair or with your favorite playlist blaring (when you aren’t on the phone!) Use lighting that works for you (goodbye fluorescent office overheads), fill your workspace with potted plants, set up a cozy area for your beloved pet, and fill the walls with art and décor that inspire you.

5. Get things done on your terms.

Running errands and setting up appointments is so much less stressful because you can do them at any point during traditional business hours. You don’t have to squeeze everything in during your lunch hour, or rush out to beat the maintenance person to your house at the end of the day. The flexibility to adapt your calendar and work schedule is priceless.

6. Say good-bye to the babysitter.

Parents know that childcare isn’t cheap! When working from home, you have the option to keep the kids at home more often and save up for fun things – like family vacations! There is also no need to scramble when your child needs a sick day from school, since you’ll be working right down the hall. In the summer, a tween or teen helper can keep the kiddos occupied, often at a lower rate than nannies and daycare facilities.

7. Your home office can travel the world.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of living somewhere warmer, or you just want to be able to “get up and go” more often. Good news! Travel agents can work anywhere with an internet connection! Your “home office” can be your “resort office” or “cruise ship stateroom office” when you take your laptop along for the journey. Having the discipline to accomplish tasks in vacation paradise can be a bit of a challenge, but goal-setting and rewards make it more doable!

Are you curious about the other benefits of being a travel agent? Request our free Travel Agent Information Guide to find out why it’s one of the fastest-growing professions and how KHM Travel Group can help you get started.

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