Travel Agent Tips: How to Qualify Travel Clients

Written by: Michelle on November 21, 2019

Travel Agent Tips
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We know that most people who are thinking about becoming a travel agent have a lot of questions.

As a host travel agency, we are here to answer your questions both before you start your travel agent journey and along the way. We are committed to providing our agents with the resources and support they need to find success.

In one of our videos from our new Travel Agent Tips series, our Director of Education and Programs, Bill Coyle, discusses one of the most important skills that travel agents develop: Qualifying their clients.

Qualifying clients is the process of asking your clients questions to make sure you understand what they are looking for in their vacation plans. As their travel agent, you will need to know details like the dates they want to travel, the budget they are planning for their trip, and their travel preferences.

Bill goes over this travel agent skill in our video below!

You can get more of your questions answered by heading over to KHM Travel Group’s YouTube channel and viewing the full playlist.

We’ll be developing more Travel Agent Tips episodes, so be sure to subscribe to our channel to get notified when another video is released. You can even suggest your own question for Bill to answer in a comment on one of the videos!

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