Cruise Lines Adapting to Growing Demand for World Cruises

Written by: Guest on April 10, 2015

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Most of us, at the end of a relaxing voyage, dream of becoming permanent residents of the sea. Or at least, we wish we could delay our return to reality for another few days.

For a small but growing segment of travelers, spending weeks or even a few months at sea isn’t unusual. These “extreme cruisers” make their way around the world in 80 days (or more), on one of the circumnavigating itineraries offered by seven major cruise lines.

Fueled by interest from the baby boomer generation, cruise lines can barely keep up with demand for world cruises. The typical passenger has plenty of time and disposable income on their hands, as well as a desire to have unique experiences.

Whereas the average week-long ocean cruise costs $500, world cruises start at around $20,000 per person and can cost as much as $500,000 per couple.

Cunard offered the first world cruise in 1922, and today has three ships that sail around the globe from January through April. In the United States, most world cruises leave from Florida, although there are some departures from Los Angeles.

Princess Cruise’s Pacific Princess, for instance, began a 111-day journey from Los Angeles in January. The cruise stops in six continents, spanning 34 destinations in 25 different countries.

Princess Cruise world itinerary

One of Princess Cruise Lines World Cruise Itineraries

Oceania’s world cruises are perhaps the most comprehensive. Lasting six months, the line’s Insignia leaves from Miami and visits nearly 100 different ports and cities from Greenland to Ghana.

Those with limited time or budget have a growing list of options to buy “segments” of a world cruise, lasting anywhere from one week to more than a month.

The factors to consider when planning an extended cruise are much the same as a traditional sailing:

  • How many days does your client want to be away?
  • Which cruise line suits the traveler’s budget, style and travel needs?
  • What type of cabin will your client feel comfortable staying in for an extended period of time?
  • Which regions of the world does your client want to see? Some “world” cruises focus on certain regions and don’t necessarily circumnavigate the globe.

At such a high price point, travel agents stand to earn substantial commissions from booking just one of these long-haul voyages!

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