Featured Destination: Must-See Game of Thrones Locations

Written by: Guest on April 05, 2019

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By Ashley Newton, KHM Travel Group’s Video Content Specialist

“Winter is coming” is a phrase that travel agents might welcome, knowing the cold weather will bring requests for sunshine and sandy beaches. It’s also a rallying cry for fans of the television show Games of Thrones, which will embark on its eighth and final season on HBO this month. Travel suppliers have capitalized on this immense fandom by creating itineraries and tours for travelers to experience Game of Thrones locations for themselves.

The lion’s share (pardon the Lannister pun) of the filming takes place throughout Croatia, Spain, Ireland, and Iceland, and there are many show-related tour opportunities for your clients in each of these countries.


Croatia is the home to several central Game of Thrones landscapes, including King’s Landing, Braavos, and Qarth. Here, Viator has experiences crafted for fans of all levels.

The Game of Thrones Tour with Karaka Cruise and Dubrovnik Walking Tour gives guests the best of land and sea with this two-hour guided tour. Your clients will travel like royalty, boarding the same ship that Daenerys Targaryen sailed on in the show, and take their turn atop the Iron Throne with photos to prove it.

Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik and Split is a Viator exclusive offering. The first day in Meereen (Split) takes travelers to the Klis Fortress and UNESCO-listed Diocletian’s Palace. On the second day, they will arrive at the capital of the Seven Kingdoms: King’s Landing (Dubrovnik). Your clients can also add a stop at Trsteno Arboretum to experience the green gardens of the palace.

For the super-fan, Viator has a 3-Night Game of Thrones Experience in Dubrovnik.
This experience includes transfers to and from the Dubrovnik airport, hotel accommodations, and a meal at a favorite restaurant of the cast and crew. Guests will explore the Qarth and King’s Landing via Lokrum Island, Srd Hill, and the Trsteno Arboretum.


In Spain, your guests can tap into their tranquility at Sunspear and the Water Gardens or channel their inner warrior at the Fighting Pits of Meereen. The Viator Game of Thrones Tour in Girona from Barcelona is a day tour that reveals how the streets of Girona were transformed into King’s Landing. Samples of “King’s Hand” ice cream, a local flavor invented to honor the series, is another sweet and Instagram-worthy treat on this tour.

The Game of Thrones Walking Tour of Girona is a 3-hour Viator exclusive. Explore filming locations for King’s Landing and Bravvos, including the Cathedral of Santa Maria. A tour guide shares in-depth insight about the filming sites and even insider gossip about the show. iPads are provided to compare the scenes to real-life locations.

Viator’s Seville and Osuna Guided Game of Thrones Tour’s full-day option takes guests from Dorne to Meereen. They will walk through the gardens like Oberyn Martell and look over the fighting pits like Daenerys Targaryen. A feast “fit for the Mother of Dragons herself” is also included.


For clients interested in The Emerald Isle, Celtic Tours has a variety of options featuring the filming locations in Ireland. The 2019 Celtic Dream is 11 nights and takes guests to experience Game of Thrones sites and other must-see Irish attractions, like the Titanic Belfast museum and the Guinness Storehouse. The drive along the Antrim Coast is littered with stunning filming locations. The variety of sites on this tour offers the perfect mix for super fans traveling with those who aren’t familiar with the show.

Thrones and Scones of Ireland is a six-night, deep-dive into Ireland’s Game of Thrones filming locations sure to impress even the most dedicated fans. Guests stay in two different castles, and each destination features a specific scene from Game of Thrones. Your clients will feel like part of House Stark as they visit Winterfell (Castle Ward) and Iron Born when they journey to Ballintoy Harbor to see both Pyke and the Iron Islands. This tour is ideal for clients who prefer to drive the Emerald Isle themselves and take an independent approach to their trip.


A trip to Iceland takes your clients beyond the wall and to some of the Westeros’s most remarkable scenes. When building this trip, consider focusing on Hverfjall Volcano and Lake Myvatn. These locations were used to create the wild world “beyond the wall.” They are also just a short distance from Dimmuborgir, the frozen lava field that served as the Wilding Camp in season three.

If your clients are more interested in Southern Iceland, the Thingvellir National Park is a must. This location features stunning rock formations and is where Brienne of Tarth and the Hound battle for Arya Stark. A short distance away is Hofdabrekka or the Frostfang Mountains, another familiar site for Game of Thrones enthusiasts.

Game of Thrones is also a surprising source of inspirational travel quotes they may help you spark a sense of wanderlust in your clients. One of our favorites from Euron Greyjoy is, “Do you dare to fly? Unless you take the leap, you’ll never know.”

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