A Travel Agent’s Tour of Los Cabo’s Luxury Resorts

Written by: Michelle on September 11, 2019

Panorama Of The Bay In Cabo San Lucas.
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Many travel agents hope to break into the luxury travel market because luxury travel clients tend to plan more elaborate trips and travel more frequently than most travelers. Of course, when it comes to working with high-end travelers, it’s important to choose accommodations that match or exceed their expectations and that provide high-quality service.

Courtyard Fountain in Los Cabos, Mexico

How do you know the resorts and hotels you are sending clients to are a good fit? Seeing them for yourself is ideal, but for travel agents who are unable to go, hearing from another agent’s firsthand experience is a close second.

Kathy, one of our Encompass the World travel agents based in Brunswick, Ohio, was invited to participate in a Classic Vacations FAM to tour Cabo’s luxury resorts. On this FAM, Kathy and toured several Cabo San Lucas properties including The Cape Nobu, Esperanza, Chileno Bay Resort, Resort at Pedregal, JW Marriott, Paradisus Solaz, One & Only Pamilla, Montage Los Cabos, and Grand Velas Los Cabos.

Kathy noted that the One & Only Pamilla has a truly tropical feel and high-end accommodations that stood out among the options. This strikingly modern resort is an oasis for luxury travelers looking to escape the everyday. The One & Only Pamilla strives to provide wellness to its clients through wellness retreats, ancient and progressive spa treatments, and a yoga garden. Perched on the end of the Sea of Cortez, this resort offers unparalleled views worthy of filling your phone’s camera space.

Bright Hammocks And Beach

But, Resort at Pedregal was, perhaps, her favorite in part because of the resort’s wow factor. Guests enter the resort on the Sea of Cortez side of a mountain and walk through a tunnel carved through the mountain, emerging on the side of the Pacific Ocean. This breathtaking moment lets clients know that they have arrived in a resort that is in a class all its own. It’s no wonder this resort has been named by Travel + Leisure, Forbes, Conde Nast, and many others as one of the best resorts in all of Mexico.

The resorts featured a variety of accommodations, from standard rooms to 6-bedroom villas. Since each resort is all-inclusive, the agents were able to experience the food at each of the resorts and found their meals to be tasty and truly high-end experience. Kathy felt that seeing how clean and safe the area is made her even more confident in referring her clients to Cabo. She found the area very drivable for those interested in renting a car or splitting their trip by staying at two different resorts.

Couple on Beach

On Cabo as a destination, Kathy said, “I seriously loved Cabo. I don’t know why we go anywhere else…The desert, the mountains, the blue water, and the huge waves all at one destination are so amazing!”

Thanks to Kathy for sharing her insights to help inform other travel agents! If you want to learn more about Cabo, be sure to read our Featured Destination: Cabo San Lucas blog post!

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