Please be advised that KHMDomains is now known as Luxevo International.

Please also be advised that KHM Travel Group is no longer affiliated with KHMDomains and is not affiliated with Luxevo International.

Although part of our company name is included in the URL of KHMDomains, all past and future customer support for KHMDomains is ultimately the responsibility of GoDaddy and Luxevo.

KHM Travel Group has chosen to remove our affiliation with the website in an effort to make this clearer.

While you are in no way obligated to transfer your domain registration away from this registrar, we have included instructions below for those who choose to. If you need forwarding capabilities, please ensure the registrar you choose supports that feature. Please keep in mind that you cannot transfer your domain within 60 days of its purchase.

To log in to your current account with Luxevo International (formerly KHMDomains), please click here.

If you would like to transfer your domain name, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your account at Luxevo International (formerly KHMDomains).
  2. Double-check your registration information, ensuring that the email address(es) listed for Registrant, Admin, and Technical contacts are all up to date and accessible.
  3. If applicable, turn off/remove Domain Privacy Protection.*
    *Please keep in mind that while the KHM Team does recommend using Privacy Protection, it has been found that due to verification standards, most Registrars cannot proceed with domain transfers while Protection is in place.
  4. Unlock the domain.
  5. Obtain your Transfer Authorization Code.
  6. Choose your new Registrar (vendor), and create your new account.*
    *If you need to forward your domain to your TravSearch site, please be sure to select a registrar which supports forwarding. We recommend GoDaddy or
  7. Navigate to the “Transfer Domain” page within the Registrar’s website (Found here on GoDaddy).
  8. Enter your domain name into the field, and click “Search.”
  9. Follow any prompts by the Registrar, and proceed to payment.
  10. When prompted, enter the Transfer Authorization Code you obtained in Step 5.
  11. That’s it! Transfers can take up to 7 days to process, so be aware that you will not see the domain name in your account right away.
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