An Audio Vacation: Top Travel Podcasts 

Written by: KHM Staff on May 15, 2024

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Did you know that you can embark on a European escape while emptying the dishwasher? Or learn about the latest from the lido deck as you drive to work? How? By plugging into the wonderful and vast world of travel podcasts.   

Below are a few podcast favorites that tell stories of people and places from around the world. Let them inspire your next vacation or teach you something new about your business. Most are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or YouTube.

Rick Steve’s Travel 
This tv tour guide brings in authors and experts to chat about destinations, culture, and travel advice. Rick regularly answers listener questions and ponders the larger questions in travel, like why being near the water is a powerful stress reliever.  

Travel Agent Chatter & Friday 15
Host Agency Reviews will never shy away from the chance to provide advice to make running a travel business easier. Hear other travel professionals’ keys to success and get answers to the most asked travel industry questions.

The Folo by Travel Weekly
As the name suggests, this podcast follows up and digs into the stories on the pages of Travel Weekly. Industry guests and the Travel Weekly team keep listeners informed of trends, while adding their own insights. As a travel professional, The Folo is a great listen to keep up with what’s new.

Cruise Radio 
Florida-based radio personality, Doug Parker, has been sharing his love for cruising in the form of ship and itinerary reviews since 2009. Listeners get everything from a behind-the-scenes look at ships to lessons on picking the right cabin.  

Our Travel Podcasts

No travel podcasts list would be complete without these vacations for your ears. We may be biased, but we love listening to the podcasts we create! With new weekly episodes, we’re always tuning in and hope you will too:

Travel Stories Unpacked
Travel Stories Unpacked is our spin on travel. We share our entertaining experiences and (sometimes, unpopular) opinions on all things travel. From Disney adults to travel icks, host Ashley Newton and her guests cover the entire spectrum of travel–from the silly to the serious and everywhere in between.  

KHM Today
KHM Today is a weekly travel talk show for travel agents, by travel agents. It’s designed to enhance your engagement with industry partners, fellow travel advisors, and the KHM Travel Group team. Plus, we chat about the latest headlines, destination updates, and practical advice for travel agents.

Do you want to take your love of travel beyond your favorite podcasts? Consider a career in travel as one of KHM Travel Group’s independent travel agents. Learn more on our website or contact our team for more info.

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