Laying the Foundation for Success at February Boot Camp

Written by: Michelle on March 23, 2020

Boot Camp February 2020 Group Photo
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We believe in helping our agents lay a solid foundation of knowledge to be able to work with clients effectively and plan trips that exceed their client’s travel dreams. The first step in this educational journey is our online courses. However, we know that many people learn best by interacting live with teachers and speaking with those with experience.

Agents Networking Lunch Table Foundation For Success

That’s why we host Boot Camp! This year we plan to host four Boot Camp events for our KHM Travel Agents who are looking to start their businesses off on the right foot. On February 25-28, 2020 we hosted our first of our four Boot Camp events this year.

This enriching four-day event took place here in Ohio, and we were so lucky to have 42 of our agents attend along with two of our team members. We were especially thrilled to welcome members of Ticket to Travel and our new Vice President of Industry Relations, Anita Pagliasso.

At this event, agents heard from our Business Development Manager for Royal Caribbean, Kathy Killen. She walked agents through the ins and outs of cruising and the itineraries, ships, and destinations that Royal Caribbean brings cruisers. They also learned about everything they can do in VAXVacationAccess, which is an essential starting point for booking all-inclusive packages and land tours.

Speaking Agents Boot Camp February 2020

Agents also had a chance to explore the client qualifying process, dive into the booking tools, and work through the basic processes in myTravelCRM to stay organized and register bookings. On top of these travel agent skills, we also shared practical small business tips, like how to network in your community and how to start marketing your travel business on social media.

For many of our attendees, Boot Camp is a transformative experience where they find confidence in their abilities and the knowledge to become travel professionals. It’s at Boot Camp that we see many agents fully embrace the opportunity to grow their business and establish a path to success.

These events are also an incredibly rewarding experience for our team members. They remind us why we love what we do, which is helping people follow their dreams of small business ownership. We asked two of our team members who attended this event to share what their Boot Camp experience meant to them.

Speaking With Agents February 2020 Boot Camp Foundation For Success

Sierra from our Memberships Team said, “Boot Camp was such an amazing event for me. From the suppliers to the agents, it was the absolute BEST time! You get such a detailed and personal experience that you can’t find elsewhere. I am beyond grateful for our agents and the team at KHM Travel Group”

Tyler from our Technology Team had this to say about his Boot Camp experience, “I realized that there is a lot that goes into being an agent, as well. All the suppliers gave a lot of good, detailed presentations that would definitely help new and current agents. By the time it was done, I had actually started to think about becoming an agent part time.”

Thanks to our team members who put on this incredible event and all those who attended. We love getting to meet you in-person and work with you to build the business of your dreams.

Are you interested in becoming a travel agent with KHM Travel Group? For more information about starting your own independent travel business fill out the form to the right or give our team a call at 1-888-611-1220.

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