KHM Travel Group Partners with The Association of Black Travel Professionals

Written by: Guest on November 05, 2021

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By: Carolyn Sekerak, Director of Marketing Strategy and Community Engagement

There’s a newer professional association for travel advisors on the scene and its vision and goals align with the People First mission of KHM Travel Group. The Association of Black Travel Professionals (ABTP) was founded in December of 2020 to focus on the development, growth, and certification of Black Travel Professionals. As KHM Travel Group’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee seeks opportunities to highlight diversity and inclusion within the travel industry and our organization, a partnership with this like-minded organization felt like a natural collaboration.  

Craig Freeman, of KHM Travel Group Executive Team, helps foster the relationship between KHM Travel Group and ABTP. He checks in with co-founders Veranda Adkins and Shawnta Harrison regularly to share experiences, discover new avenues for cross-promotion, and showcase the expertise and visibility of our shared members.  

“We know that there are roadblocks to success in this industry for people of color. We support ABTP and other like-minded organizations in their efforts to break down those barriers and work to build up our travel advisors.”

Craig Freeman, KHM Travel Group 

ABTP’s co-founders’ genuine desire to help other travel advisors is apparent when they share about their goals. “We aren’t just in this for the publicity or to advance our own careers,” states Veranda Adkins. “When we all work together, we can grow together.” 

As a benefit of our partnership, KHM Travel Group Agents can receive a discounted membership to ABTP. Membership opens access to ABTP’s weekly educational webinars, media opportunities, and the ability for their business’ impact to be counted. One of ABTP’s biggest goals is to quantify the total African American spend through travel advisors. Information will be used to help suppliers identify where they may be missing the mark to appeal to this significant segment of travel consumers. 

What’s Next for The Association of Black Travel Professionals

When asked about the organization’s future plans, Veranda shared they are looking forward to getting out into the world though cross-country “Lunch and Learns” or dinner meet-ups next year. These events are designed to increase awareness about the organization and engage new travel advisors. ABTP also has several other events in the works including a one-day Summit in Atlanta in early December, and a larger conference in the fall of 2022.   

When asked what we can do to help further ABTP’s mission, Veranda wants agents to know that their voice matters. “My hope is that travel advisors realize the importance of what they are doing for their clients, and they impact they can make by getting involved and being counted.”  

KHM Travel Agents can learn more about the ABTP by visiting their new website at  

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