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Written by: Guest on August 05, 2015

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If you already are an independent travel agent with KHM Travel Group, think back to those hours of research you did before joining. It was kind of nerve-wracking, right?

By sharing your experience on our page on Host Agency Reviews, you could inspire others to join KHM Travel Group and save them the frustration of wondering whether they are making the right decision.

If you’re still tossing around the idea of becoming a travel agent and joining a host agency, then one of your most valuable resources is Host Agency Reviews. The information you’ll find there is generated by current travel agents, just for prospective agents!

host-agency-reviews-logo1Host Agency Reviews is an independent website run by Stephanie Lee, a former host agency director. With years of travel agency experience under her belt, she decided to create a directory that would help home-based travel agents connect with host agencies.

Her site has become a primary resource for both new and experienced travel agents. Rather than spending hours scouring the web for reliable, unbiased information about host agencies, they can now head to Host Agency Reviews.

Here they’ll find a complete listing of hosts, and more than 1,000 reviews of host agencies written by actual travel agents. On KHM Travel Group’s page, we feature important details, our company history, staff and event photos, and news releases.

In addition to host agency profiles, Host Agency Reviews is full of general educational content for aspiring independent travel agents. This includes blog posts in which Stephanie tackles frequently asked travel agent questions, industry updates, and even offers her recommendations for other helpful resources.

Current KHM Travel Agents: if you think your host agency deserves 5 stars, then take a few moments and review us on our page on Host Agency Reviews!

If you’d like to get more information to help you make your decision about joining a host agency, fill out the form on the right to receive our free information packet. You can also reach a member of the KHM Travel Group team at 1-888-611-1220.

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