KHM Travel Group honored in Luminary Awards by Host Agency Reviews

Written by: Michelle on January 12, 2021

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Host Agency Reviews has announced their 2021 Luminary Awards winners, and we are honored to be among the winning host travel agencies. These awards recognize top-performing host travel agencies based on defined criteria. This year KHM Travel Group won in five categories, including a new award for 2021, Galaxy Award.

We’ve broken down the criteria for each award below and are celebrating our travel agents who helped to make each one of these awards possible.

Badge Supernova Award

Supernova Award

First up, we have the Supernova Award. This distinction recognizes host travel agencies that maintain at least a 4.0-star rating for their reviews on Real travel agents leave these reviews, providing feedback on their experience with KHM Travel Group. We are honored that so many of our agents leave positive reviews and help us maintain our high standing.

Badge Nebula Award

Nebula Award

Next, we have the Nebula Award. This category focuses on the new reviews a host agency receives over the course of the year. By posting new reviews of KHM Travel Group in 2020, our agents showed their continued support of us. They also ensured that people would have up to date and accurate information as to how we navigated the past year.

Badge Constellation Award

Constellation Award

Host Agency Reviews’ Constellation Award is given to the host agencies who engage on Agencies have the chance to respond to questions posed and reply to reviews that are posted. Being a part of the conversation is important, and this level of engagement helps future travel agents learn about their options.

Badge Data Scientist Award

Data Scientist Award

The Data Scientist Award is determined by the participation of host agency’s travel agents in surveys for Host Agency Reviews. These surveys are important for taking stock of the travel industry, understanding the demographics of travel agents, and predicting the future role of travel agents. This year our agents stepped up to answer these surveys and make their voices heard!

Galaxy Award Badge 2021 Luminary Awards

Galaxy Award

In 2021, a new award was added to the Luminary Awards line up: the Galaxy Award! This award recognizes those host agencies who won in each of the four categories. This year, KHM Travel Group was the only host agency to win the Galaxy Award! We are honored to have earned this distinction. Thank you to our agents for your continued support, writing reviews, and being an active part of the travel agent community.

We’re sharing our awards during Host Agency Reviews’ Host Week 2021, which is a week-long celebration of host travel agents and the industry that supports them!

Host Agency Reviews is an independently run website dedicated to providing those interested in starting a travel business with the information they need. They work hard to ensure they are providing a fair and accurate platform. Their resources to help people learn what a host travel agency is and which one best suits their business goals. Most importantly, they provide a space for travel agents to review their host agency and share what it’s like to be a hosted travel agent.

Congratulations and we look forward to another great year partnering with Host Agency Reviews.

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