Introducing Our 2019 Agent Advisory Board

Written by: Michelle on May 22, 2019

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KHM Travel Group is excited to introduce our 2019 Agent Advisory Board. The agents below are committed, experienced travel agents that represent a wide variety of backgrounds. We appreciate their willingness to give their time and energy to help us continue to improve.

The 2019 KHM Travel Group Agent Advisory Board includes:

  • Amy Burbank
  • Ann Brownell
  • Brian Miller
  • Debra Cooper
  • Elizabeth Westman
  • Emily Kladivo
  • Emily Magri
  • Erika Lafata
  • Heather Cross
  • Ilona Kruglikov
  • Linda Allen
  • Marcus Williams
  • Michelle Scott
  • Priscilla Powell

This group of agents will work closely with Bill Coyle, our Director of Education and Programs Team and by Geoff Cox, our Vice President of Sales.

KHM Travel Agent Advisory Board

As a company, we value the input of our agents. We believe that through listening we will find areas where we can grow and better serve each of our agents. Our advisory board represents our agents through their varied locations, business models, and viewpoints to give us a broader understanding to serve all our agents better.

These agents were purposefully selected for their experience in the travel industry and their proven record of success with fostering their travel businesses. Their varied specialties and areas of passion also provide us with helpful feedback to incorporate into our educational programs and to pass along to the travel suppliers with whom we work closely.

KHM Travel Agent Advisory Board 2

Through conference calls and in-person gatherings, the advisory board agents are encouraged to share their thoughts and discuss the value of certain changes or additions for their fellow KHM Travel Agents. These conversations help our team to take steps to benefit our entire network of agents.

KHM Travel Group is a leading host travel agency helping home-based travel agents around the United States start and grow their own travel businesses. To find out more about partnering with KHM Travel Group, fill out the form to the right or call 1-888-611-1220.

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