Travel Stories Unpacked Podcast to Debut in January

Written by: Michelle on December 26, 2023

Travel Stories Unpacked Every Friday Morning in 2024; Laughs, Opinions, Today's hottest travel topics
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Get ready to add a new podcast to your playlist in 2024! Launching the first week of January, Travel Stories Unpacked is a different take on travel, where we talk about all things travel from the silly to the serious and everywhere in between.

The podcast’s host Ashley Newton will sit down with a guest each week to dive into the most interesting travel topics. We asked Ashley a few questions to get a preview of what we can expect from this new perspective on travel.

Where did the idea of Travel Stories Unpacked originate?

Ashley: We all love travel, and we all love to talk about our opinions and experiences. I wanted to create a place where we could share our triumphs and our fails. An opportunity for us to add some fun into travelers’ daily lives.

Are there any topics you’re most excited to take on?

Ashley: I am so excited to dive into all aspects of travel, but I am especially eager for people to hear episode three when we share one of the most unbelievable travel disaster stories I have ever heard. I think people will be surprised the impact it had on their love of travel.

How is Travel Stories Unpacked different than other travel podcasts out there?

Ashley: Travel Stories Unpacked isn’t trying to educate listeners on complicated topics or trying to change their mind. We just want them to listen, laugh, and find a community of fellow travel lovers. I think the biggest thing that makes our podcast different is it is for everyone. You don’t have to be a world traveler to relate and enjoy.

Who can we expect to see on upcoming episodes?

Ashley: When you tune in, expect strong opinions and real stories. We are going to have guests ranging from those who work in the travel industry, are travel agents, and everyday travelers.

What makes a good guest?

Ashley: Anyone can be a great guest on the show. As long as they have a fun story or opinions to share, we are happy to talk with them. This show is for everyone who loves travel, so that is who we want to talk to.

What’s been your favorite part of launching a new podcast?

Ashley: My favorite part of getting the podcast going has been the opportunity to connect with people and hear their experiences. It is truly amazing the impact that travel can have. I also really enjoy being able to embrace the fun of travel and bringing that into how we want to the podcast to feel.

Tune in to Travel Stories Unpacked every Friday starting January 5th on YouTube or wherever you listen to podcasts. Subscribe to our channel and turn on your notifications, so you never miss an episode!

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