Where to Look for Ongoing Travel Agent Education

Written by: Guest on May 21, 2020

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As is in many fields, continuing education as a travel agent is not only important, it is essential to your success. From large industry training events and FAM trips to corporate headquarter visits and KHM Travel Group sponsored events, participating in live events can provide great investments in helping you to take your business to the next level.  

As your progress through your journey as an agent, consider the events below.  


Live Events 

Hosted by your KHM Travel Group team, our live events are the most valuable. Why? Not only will you receive current industry information, but the networking opportunities are priceless.  This business is all about relationships and being in person with KHM Travel agents from around the country and with our supplier Business Development Managers will only work to your benefit. 

KHM Travel Group live events include Boot Camp, Boot Camp 2.0, Luxury Symposium, Crystal Conference and Awards, and KHM Travel-exclusive FAM trips. 

Virtual Education   

Have you ever wondered how to stay organized and productive during the booking process?  This 12-week program will walk you through each step of the process including prospecting, qualifying, research, myTravelCRM, and follow through on a booking.  Every agent at every level will be able to glean something new from this online learning series.  You will also not want miss out on the Happy Hour at the end of each week where you can ask questions and hang out virtually with some of our suppliers. 

KHM Travel agents can visit the KHM Live Events page under Education in MyTravelAgentPortal for more specific information on our live and virtual events. 


Outside of KHM Travel Group, many travel suppliers and industry organizations host travel agent events throughout the year. Many of these events will be featured in MyTravelAgentPortal, but you’ll also want to watch for emails from suppliers and travel to learn of other opportunities. Developing industry relationships and participating in firsthand travel experiences can help you reach specific educational and sales goals. They can also expand your knowledge and understanding of the industry. 

ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors)   

ASTA is an invaluable resource for travel advisors on both the national and local level. ASTA works on legislation and policies on behalf of advisors across the globe. At the local level, members can participate in trade show, networking, and charitable events. Once a member, you will have access to exclusive travel opportunities and the annual ASTA Global Convention.   

CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association)   

This cruise focused organization offers impressive tools for agents to learn the cruise industry in depth. CLIA’s travel agent courses and certifications allow you to work at your own pace to complete individual trainings. Although there is a cost to have a CLIA membership, their website does offer some free resources, such as access to recorded webinars and sessions from their annual event, Cruise360, that you may find helpful.  

A paid CLIA membership is important to consider if you want to specialize in cruising. Since KHM Travel Group is a Premier Agency Member, all qualified KHM Travel Group Travel Agents are eligible to apply for an individual CLIA membership under KHM Travel Group. Check the Operations section of your Agent Portal for more details. 

Supplier Educational Opportunities 

Almost every supplier offers online training on their brand. These trainings offer in depth product knowledge and marketing tips to help you sell their product and brand better. Some also offer additional travel advisor benefits or certification once training has been completed.  KHM Travel Agents can get details one each supplier’s educational platforms in the Supplier section of MyTravelAgentPortal

Travel Agent Academy 

If you subscribe to Agent@Home Magazine or read TravelPulse’s daily e-newsletter, you are already familiar with the Travel Agent Academy’s parent company, travAlliancemedia Network. Travel Agent Academy provides travel agents with access to a variety of free, interactive online educational courses to help you gain knowledge (and even certifications) in partnership with leading suppliers, destinations, and travel specialty programs. Visit this site often as new courses are added regularly. 

Travel Agent University 

Learn and earn at your convenience with these free home-study courses designed by the staff of Travel Agent Magazine. You’ll earn diplomas and educational credits, plus qualify for bonuses, prizes, FAM trips, exclusive discounts, promotions and insider newsletters. 

There are so many ways to further your education as a travel professional.  Be sure to choose those that are going to give you the most value for your investment and help you move to the next level of productivity. 

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