3 Apps Every Travel Agent Needs Now

Written by: Guest on January 24, 2015

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Looking for new ways to wow your clients and ramp up your customer service ratings? These three web apps put travel agents right at the heart of their traveler’s needs.

TripCase Connect. Need to send out updated boarding passes or message your client about a change in the weather forecast? TripCase allows agents to communicate with clients instantly with this tool that links airlines, hotels and travel agents directly with travelers. Through TripCase, agents receive notifications once bookings are confirmed, delayed or cancelled and can manage their traveler’s reservations from anywhere.

Refund.Me. Your client’s two-week trip to Europe was delayed because of a cancelled flight. Make up for his lost time by checking the flight details on this site, which was developed by an international passenger rights expert. The app monitors thousands of bookings and spots the delays and cancellations that could qualify for up to $800 in reimbursements. Refund.me will even take your case to court, free of charge, if the airline refuses to pay.

mTrip. With this award-winning trip planner, travel agents get an app customized to their brand to send clients once a trip has been booked. Agents are able to earn extra commission on bookings related to their client’s trip, like city passes and tours. Facebook integration allows travelers to share stories and pictures directly from the app to your agency’s page.

If you’re an independent travel agent and have been looking to provide that extra “edge” to your clients, pass these useful apps along.

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