Set Sail to Asia and Australia with Viking Ocean Cruises

Written by: Michelle on July 29, 2019

Beijing China Forbidden City Canal Viking Cruises
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From delicious meals and live music to spas and fitness opportunities, cruise ships provide for every want of their guests. With Viking Ocean Cruises, your clients can experience the joys of cruising all over the world, even in Asia and Australia, and only have to unpack once.

Far East Horizons

From Hong Kong’s Lantau Island, home of the world’s largest seated Buddha statue, to Tokyo’s blend of classic Japanese architecture and modern skyscrapers, the cities of eastern Asia invite travelers to experience a balanced blend of old and new. Viking Ocean Cruises’ Far East Horizons itinerary offers the chance to see it all on Viking’s award-winning elegant small ships.

This 15-day itinerary begins in Hong Kong, then sails to Taipei, China; Busan, South Korea; and the islands of Japan. In each port, Viking offers a variety of excursions to match guests’ interests. Your clients can choose to focus on the ancient temples and palaces that have stood the test of time or explore the cities through their cuisine with excursions that focus on tea, dim sum, and traditional markets. With overnights in Hong Kong, Hiroshima, Shimizu, and Toyko, cruisers will have time to relax and enjoy themselves while getting to know these cities.

Angkor Wat Cambodia Viking Cruises

Bangkok, Bali, & Beyond

The vibrant cultures, stunning blue waters, and lush landscapes of Southeast Asia inspire travelers to discover something new about the region and about themselves. The Bangkok, Bali, & Beyond itinerary allows travelers to experience Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia on this 13-day journey. Intricately designed gardens, local flavors, and humming marketplaces await guests in Thailand and Malaysia, before heading to the extravagant and sprawling metropolis of Singapore.

Cruisers will also learn about the importance of Indonesia’s historic sites from the Viking Resident Historian on board. This professional provides lectures on the History of Southeast Asia, How the Spice Trade Changed the World, and the Islands in History. With options to add pre- and post-cruise stays, your clients can customize their experience and explore more of what these destinations have to offer.

Star Explorers Lounge Viking Cruises

Australia & New Zealand

Ready to see the Land Down Under like never before? On the 15-day Australia & New Zealand itinerary, your clients will sail past the famous Opera House as they depart from Sydney Harbor and make their way along the picturesque Gippsland Coast. Then they’ll arrive in Melbourne and have the chance to see two of the country’s most famous species in their natural habitat: Kangaroos and koalas. The ship then passes through the Bass Strait to Tasmania, before departing to New Zealand the next day.

Guests will experience several ports of New Zealand including Christchurch, which was heavily influenced by English culture, the cultural capital of Auckland, and Rotorua, a sacred location for the indigenous Māori. Throughout the voyage, guests can take advantage of lectures on Pacific Exploration and the History of Australia from early writings, through its colonial era, and to its modern state.

Lhasa Tibet Viking Cruises

Why Viking Ocean Cruises?

Viking Ocean Cruises focuses on delivering meaningful experiences to their guests. Their inclusive approach allows your clients to relax and enjoy themselves without the worry or concerns of many added fees. To learn more about this supplier and how you can book your clients’ Viking Ocean cruise, visit MyTravelAgentPortal.

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