KHM Travel Group RDC Spotlight: Bryan Overmann, Midwest Region

Written by: Guest on July 01, 2016

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bryan-overmanBryan Overmann is KHM Travel Group’s newest Regional Development Coordinator, but he’s been passionate about travel since he was young.

He was inspired by the stories his grandparents would tell him about their travels all over the world. As a veteran travel agent and RDC, he’s kept their legacy of travel alive.

In 2001, he began his career as an outside agent with a brick and mortar agency. The agency was small, and unable to provide him with adequate training and FAM trip opportunities.

“In 2010, I searched for a host agency that would allow me to still work independently but still offered training. Hence the beginning of my relationship with KHM,” Bryan says.

He became our Midwest RDC in October 2015. So far, he’s enjoyed welcoming new agents, connecting with local training events, and hosting KHM Travel-sponsored regional training events.

Although he’s relatively new to the RDC game, his 15 years’ experience as an agent make him a very helpful source of knowledge. His advice to agents is to be consistent, and persistent.

“Not everyone can land a booking within the first couple of days or weeks of starting their business,” he says. “It takes time…..BUT once things start to click….one client become two, two becomes 4, etc.”

He also wants agents to keep in mind that the industry is constantly changing. Staying in touch with key suppliers, and seeking out training opportunities should be a priority for agents trying to grow their businesses.

Bryan with a group of agents on a FAM in 2014.

Bryan with a group of agents on a FAM in 2014.

Not surprisingly, when he’s not working, his favorite thing to do is to travel. Carrying on his grandparent’s tradition, Bryan’s family continues to make travel memories together.

Their favorite destinations are Riviera Maya and Punta Cana, but he’s also excited about a taking the family on a Western Caribbean cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line next month.

“The most memorable vacation was spending New Year’s Eve on the Carnival Sunshine with my family, my brother’s family and my Dad,” says Bryan. “It was the year after my Mom passed away so it was a tough time of the year for my Dad. But it was great that we could spend New Year’s somewhere sunny and warm as a family.”

Midwest agents, stay tuned for your next Regional Training opportunity! Visit the Regional Training page on to learn more about upcoming RDC training events, and check out your region’s RDC Calendar in the Portal under the Education tab.

Our Regional Development Coordinators are just one of the many resources KHM Travel Agents can rely on to reach their business goals.

If you’d like to learn more about joining our family of home-based travel agents, simply fill out the form on the right or call 1-888-611-1220 to receive our free information packet.

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