Packing a Ready to Go Bag

Written by: Stephanie on August 21, 2023

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In a previous post, I shared some tips for packing a traveling pharmacy, a bag of medications that I take along with me on our family adventures both near and far.

In addition to this small pouch, I travel with what I call my “ready to go” bag, a second zippered pouch that houses the necessities I often use throughout the day. The content in this bag changes depending on where I am going, but there are a few items that remain packed whether I am traveling far from home or simply running a few errands.

Why Assemble a “Ready to Go” Bag? 

Stress elimination! Having your personal necessities together and ready to toss in your bag wherever you go provides such peace of mind. My little pouch stays in my purse unless we are heading to an amusement park, the beach, the city pool, or on a trip…then I tweak the bag’s contents a bit and stick it in the bag I need for the outing or vacation. 

Items to Include 

While a traveling pharmacy is generally similar for most people, a “ready to go” bag will be quite different, as it is much more personalized. When considering what to include in yours, think about items you use regularly or might need while on the go.  

Here are a few recommendations: 

  • Small hand lotion 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Travel stain stick 
  • Small package of Kleenex 
  • EarPlanes (if applicable) 
  • Wired earbuds 
  • Pad / Tampon / Pantiliner 
  • Chapstick 
  • Nausea wristbands 
  • Travel sized package of wipes 
  • Pen  
  • Hair elastic / clip 
  • Mini Vaseline 
  • A few business cards 
  • Portable phone charger 
  • Small nail file 
  • Mints / hard candy / gum 
  • Lens cleaning wipe 

If traveling with pets or children, this bag might require additional items. (But you probably need a much larger bag!)  

Storage System 

As with my medicine bag / traveling pharmacy, I use a small cosmetics pouch for toting the necessities along with me. This bag is even smaller than my medicine bag; I have been using a small Aveda zipper pouch I received with sample products about ten years ago. 

What items are must-haves for your travel bag?

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