Travel Smarter with a Travel Advisor

Written by: KHM Staff on May 01, 2024

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Think about the services you rely on in life: your doctor, your accountant, your hairstylist or barber. Trust is the key to your connection with these professionals. Your health, your financials, and your hair shouldn’t be left to just anyone. The same is true for your vacation, whether it be a Caribbean cruise or a romantic getaway. More than ever, your travel advisor is your guide to traveling smarter.


Travel agents are familiar with resources for monitoring changing travel conditions, policies, and requirements that may impact their clients. They regularly monitor evolving travel advisories, policies for entering countries, visa requirements, hurricane updates, and more. They communicate this information to their clients in a timely manner for planning or adjusting arrangements as needed.


Travel advisors enjoy working with clients and genuinely care about those they serve. To the internet, you are a reservation number, but travel advisors understand you have instilled your trust in them to plan a memorable vacation. Travel advisors take their roles seriously, genuinely caring about your best interests.


Travel professionals love to travel, and their experiences benefit those who plan vacations with them. When travel advisors travel, they take hundreds of photographs, document their experiences, meet with staff, attend on-site training sessions, and write reviews of their vacations. This knowledge helps advisors when working with future clients by using their experiences (both positive and negative) as a guide for recommendations.


Travel advisors spend a great deal of time together and talk with one another about everything travel-related. Travel advisors attend workshops together, tour resorts with organized groups, participate in discussions on social media, and constantly assist one another in sharing travel experiences or information. When booking with a travel agent, clients have a massive support network behind the scenes. This benefits clients, travel advisors, and suppliers, and strengthens the entire industry.


While it can vary by supplier, dates, and availability, travel advisors often have access to promotions the public does not. Travel agents have access to all supplier-advertised national promotions, but additional perks are sometimes available because of relationships and standings with travel suppliers. Travel advisors work diligently to find the best savings and perks for their clients’ vacation plans.


Travel advisors provide resources for their clients that help make preparing for their trips easier. When booking travel with advisors, their assistance doesn’t stop once the deposit (or final payment) is processed. Advisors spend time meeting with their clients to prepare them for their vacations and providing them with packing lists, destination information, brochures, dining recommendations, excursion suggestions, and more. Advisors want their clients’ vacations to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible—preparation and planning the details with an expert makes any trip better.


Travel agents have a passion for travel they want to share with the world. Fueled by a strong enthusiasm for exploring the world, travel advisors also want you to feel energized and excited about your travel plans. This passion for the industry shines through and drives how advisors interact with and serve their clients. They love traveling and want you to love it too!

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