3 Reasons More People Are Booking Cruises with Travel Agents

Written by: Guest on March 16, 2015

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According to Tripology, more than 85% of all cruises are booked by travel agents. Many former advocates of self-booking websites are even turning to the pros. Why? These are just a few of the reasons why more cruisers are relying on cruise specialists to plan their perfect vacation at sea.

1. They Know the Cruise Industry Better Than Anyone Else.

Whether you’re a cruise novice or you’re addicted to life at sea, a cruise specialist can help you plan your next sailing. They can pinpoint which cruise lines, itineraries and destinations will fit your budget, travel style, and interests. They know which cabins offer the best value, or the most space. While it’s completely possible to figure out airport transfers and offshore excursions on your own, a cruise specialist has inside information — and connections — that are priceless for travelers, especially for big group bookings.

2. They Will Save You Time.

Most of us don’t have tons of free time to spend researching cruise packages. And some of us aren’t interested in trip-planning. Ideally, we’d just like to show up at port, drop our bags in our stateroom, and plop down in a lounge chair by the pool for the next 5 days. A travel agent is the only person who can help make this dream a reality. And they’ll save you from wasting time waiting at airports, or from missing opportunities to spend a few extra hours exploring a destination.

3. They Will Save You Money.

Quite simply, cruise lines rely on travel agents to make most of their bookings. Travel agents, in turn, secure the best rates for their clients. With some cruise lines, agents will continue to ensure you have the best rate, even after you’ve booked. They will also help you get refunds in the event something goes wrong.

There is more to booking a cruise than most people anticipate, which is why a travel agent’s skills and first-hand knowledge have become so valuable. Would you like to become a part of this thriving industry? If you’d like to become a travel agent, fill out the form on the right or call 1-888-611-1220 to receive our free travel agent startup packet.

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