31 Reasons to Be Thankful For Travel Agents

Written by: Guest on May 09, 2016

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The National Association for Career Travel Agents (NACTA) has deemed the month of May National Travel Consultant Month.

According to NACTA’s website, “One day or even a week is not enough time to recognize what travel consultants do throughout the year.”

We’ve already kicked off this month-long celebration by promoting Travel Agent Appreciation Day on May 4th. However, a lot of consumers remain unaware of all the knowledge, skills and connections travel agents possess.

There are 31 days in May, so we’ve come up with 31 reasons to appreciate travel agents, and all of the memories they help create.

1. According to a study by the American Society of Travel Agents, agents save consumers $452 and four hours of time planning per trip, on average.
2. They know the difference between a great deal and a great value.
3. Very often, even when travel agents are “on vacation,” they are working to learn more about destinations and resorts/cruise ships.
4. Travel agents act as safety nets if something pops up during travel – a delayed flight, or a problem with a hotel.
5. They feel fulfilled by helping others.


6. Travel agents can get certifications to become cruise pros, and they are typically among the first to find out about new ships and cruise deals.
7. There’s nearly no destination too remote for travel agents. Whether you want to go to Paris, Punta Cana, or Palau, a travel agent can make it happen.
8. They keep travel groups organized, and are able to set up special programming just for their group clients through suppliers.
9. Unlike the Internet, travel agents can actually respond directly to individual questions and requests.
10. Travel agents know that the difference is in the details. This means which specific rooms at a resort are most desirable, and which cruise cabins offer that extra square foot or two.

11. Curiosity is a necessity for successful travel agents. To keep up with all the latest developments in travel, they should be constantly learning.
12. In taking away the stress of planning, travel agents save people a ton of anxiety and headaches.
13. Travel agents are also creative, when it comes to researching and finding solutions that will make every traveler happy.
14. According to ASTA, 72% of U.S. travelers have said that agents made travel planning easier, and 59% said they have access to better deals than they can find themselves.
15. Travel agents can make the world more accessible for those with special needs.
16. A travel agent is a real person who can get to know you, and earn your trust…unlike a website.
17. In case of emergency, travel agents can spring into action on your behalf, and make arrangements so that you aren’t stuck in a bad situation.

18. Want advice on how to plan for a long flight, or what to bring on a cruise? Your agent will have the answers.
19. Visiting a foreign country can be scary. Travel agents provide travelers a peace of mind by working only with reputable hotels, tour operators and travel companies.
20. On a budget? A travel pro will keep that in mind when booking your trip and guide their clients to options that will give them the most for their money.
21. Travel agents pay attention to all the “fine print” when it comes to travel, and pass it along to their clients, which is a huge time saver.
22. Because they have established relationships with travel suppliers, travel agents may be able to arrange for those little extras, like champagne in the room upon arrival.
23. Travel agents know the importance of travel insurance, and how to explain its value to clients.
24. No one likes calling and talking to an automated recording. With a travel agent, you don’t have to.

25. You know you need a vacation, but you aren’t sure where to start. Travel agents are full of inspiring ideas and suggestions for your next trip.
26. Experienced travel agents will know the best times to travel to certain locations. This means understanding a region’s climate, but also when its busy and off-seasons are.
27. For family vacations, travel agents can coordinate a trip that allows for time together, and time for the parents to relax separately, knowing their kids have fun, safe options too.
28. No one likes unexpected fees and expenses, especially when you’re away from home. Prior to traveling, an agent will walk you through what additional costs you can expect while on vacation.
29. Transportation in-destination isn’t always made a priority, but your travel agent will make it one. You don’t want to get stranded at the airport, without a reliable ride to your accommodations!
30. Your travel agent has an entire network of connections to draw on to exceed vacation expectations — whether that be in-destination, with their host agency, or with the travel supplier.
31. Travel agents are a professional, one-stop-shop for travel planning. Whether you are booking, asking a question, or have an issue, help is just one phone call away.


From the host agency perspective, we are very appreciative of our agents’ hard work and dedication to their businesses. Plus, they are fun to hang out with!

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