3 Reasons Why Travel Agents are Thriving

Written by: Guest on November 06, 2015

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travelagentawarenessweek2015-300x300 At KHM Travel, we work alongside thousands of travel agents. Our business wouldn’t exist without them, so to say we appreciate our travel agents is kind of an understatement!

But we also know that a large majority of the population still has no idea that travel agents exist. In fact, six in 10 travelers have never considered using an agent. This may sound like a discouraging statistic, but think of it this way: there is still enormous potential for growth as a travel agent!

One Florida-based travel agent decided to do something about this lack of recognition among travelers, which is why she developed Travel Agent Awareness Week, which is in its inaugural run from November 1 to 7.

In the spirit of Travel Agent Awareness Week, we’d like to share the reasons why independent travel agents continue to be a driving force in the travel industry.

1. They know more than their customers.


Yes, anyone now can go online and do their own trip research. Having all this information available certainly gives consumers the power to read reviews and book their own travel, but it’s no substitute for a travel agent’s first-hand knowledge. If an agent hasn’t experienced a resort, destination, or cruise ship for themselves, chances are very good that they know someone that has. And they have direct connections to travel suppliers! It makes a huge difference in the details – for instance, whether their client gets an ocean-facing room or a room facing the lobby.

2. They are trailblazers.


Travel agents are the ones on the ground, talking to travelers and figuring out what their wants and needs are. Especially for travelers with more complicated or obscure travel plans, agents are the ones turning the impossible into the possible. After all, someone might dream of visiting Antartica, or cruising the Mekong River, but have absolutely no idea of how to make this a reality.

Travel agents are also making the world a more accessible place for those with special needs, and opening up a world of travel opportunities for those with mobility and health-related requirements.

3. They are real people.


Some call themselves travel consultants. Others call themselves destination specialists, dream designers, or escape artists. But travel agents are not booking engines. They know that two couples with the exact same budget will most likely end up on two very different vacations. They understand the intricacies of human relationships, and how vital it is to earn and maintain trust.

For travel agents, success in business is just as much (or more!) a matter of quality as quantity. Providing a high-quality client experience, from start to finish, will go a long way in helping travel agents reach that remaining 60 percent of the population that still isn’t aware of the value of using a travel professional.

We’d like to celebrate Travel Agent Awareness Week by applauding our 4,000 home-based travel agents around the country for their hard work, commitment and creativity!

If you love travel and want to take advantage of this untapped income potential, there’s no better time to start a travel agency from home! Fill out the form on the right side of the screen, or call 1-888-611-1220 to request our FREE packet that will show you how.

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