The 5 Elements of Effective Logos

Written by: Guest on February 24, 2015

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Your logo is a crucial part of your travel agency’s image. While your logo doesn’t necessarily need to describe what your business does, it should reflect your business’s philosophy. Apple’s logo, for instance, embodies the sleek, simple and user-friendly traits of their products. If your logo is overly complicated, or not distinct enough, you risk sending a muddled message. The bottom line? Someone who sees your logo for the first time should be able to recall it after a quick glance.

The right logo, when utilized properly on your website and in your marketing materials, will leave a lasting impression on your clients. When creating your company’s signature mark, use these five features of successful logos to guide you in the design process. If you want to become a successful independent travel agent, don’t skip over the easy stuff!



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