How to Increase Your Travel Agent Income

Written by: Melissa on October 11, 2022

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Your career as an independent home-based travel agent is fun, exciting, and provides opportunities for personal travel. But don’t lose sight of that fact that you are running a business, and becoming a successful entrepreneur means you’ll need to keep an eye on your bottom line.

Successful agents can increase their income as a travel agent by focusing on these 5 key business practices:

#1 – Stick with Preferred Suppliers

There is no end to the travel options offered by tour operators, cruise lines, and resort chains. Instead of trying to grasp the dizzying array of products offered by all travel companies, focus on booking a majority of your clients with a few suppliers that offer quality products and provide great support to travel agents. As you become more familiar with their reservation systems and policies, you will be able to work more efficiently to prepare quotes for your clients. Many companies pay commission or offer bonuses based on sales volume, so it also makes financial sense to try to consolidate your bookings with a few key companies.

Did You Know? KHM Travel Group Agents earn industry-maximum commission levels with several top travel suppliers!

#2 – Complete the Picture

Many agents work very hard to assist their clients with the main components of a vacation. But don’t forget to think beyond the basic package and help your clients add the memorable finishing touches. For example, offer to assist with airfare and pre- or post-cruise hotel arrangements, or recommend and book tours and activities that enhance an all-inclusive resort vacation. Many of these additional items are commissionable, and your clients will appreciate your help with all of their vacation details.

#3 – Specialize

It is impossible to become an expert in every type of travel product. Travel agents often increase their income by specializing their business and selling a particular type of travel or destination. This allows you to focus your time, energy, and marketing budget on your chosen niche. Developing a loyal customer base in your chosen field usually leads to increased profits, referrals, and repeat clients.

#4 – Encourage Referrals

After providing them with excellent customer care and service, your clients will appreciate your assistance and expertise and recommend you to their friends and family. In your post-vacation communication with your clients, be direct and ask for referrals too! Finally, include a few business cards when you send cards or documents to your clients so they can distribute your information easily to others.

#5 – Grow With Groups

Working with groups is a fantastic way to increase your income as a travel agent. Instead of planning a lot of individual itineraries, plan one basic trip and watch your commission multiply with each new traveler booked into the group. Another perk? Each additional person becomes a potential travel client for future bookings or source of referrals. This gives a boost to your bottom line for years to come!

Did You Know? KHM Travel Group has a dedicated Group Team to guide our agents in the various techniques, processes, and policies for booking group travel.

Thousands of KHM Travel Agents have followed these simple principles and are now enjoying exciting and profitable careers in the travel industry. Are you ready to get started and build your own home based travel agency business? Fill out the form on the right or call 888.611.1220 to discover how you can increase your travel agent income!

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