KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Nicole Dobrich

Written by: Guest on September 01, 2016

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A love of travel is key for independent travel agents, but it’s just one of many ingredients needed to be successful. A passion for learning new things, and for going above and beyond for clients, are also essential characteristics of top-producing travel agents.

Nicole Dobrich launched her travel agency with KHM Travel Group in February of 2015. Just a few months later, she decided to focus on selling honeymoons, destination weddings, and other romance travel by joining our specialty program as a LoveShack Vacations agent.

Becoming a Romance Travel Specialist allowed Nicole to streamline her travel agent education, but she says her biggest challenge was still learning the various areas and resorts she could sell to clients. She has completed as many trainings as possible, and to this day, continues to participate in webinars and other learning opportunities to keep herself up-to-date.

She also made sure to invest in live events and has attended Boot Camp and Destination Success at KHM Travel’s Corporate office.

“At Boot Camp I learned a lot on compliance that I would never had known had I not participated,” Nicole says. “I loved Destination Success so much that I will be participating again this October. I love how KHM brings in our suppliers so that we can begin to form a relationship with them on a personal level.”

nicoledobrich5editCommitment to ongoing education has paid off for Nicole in a big way. Her goal for 2016 was to reach $100,000 in travel sales, which would put her in our Pinnacle Elite Agent group.

As of this summer she had already more than doubled her goal, reaching $200,000 in travel sales.

In June of this year, she shared her excitement in our Agents-Only Facebook Group when she had her biggest day in travel sales so far. She booked a family group on a Carnival Cruise, and another party for Las Vegas, which totaled more than $20,000 in travel sales in a single day.

Nicole isn’t one to set limits for herself, and when it comes to customer service, she always pushes herself to provide the best possible experience for clients.

“I will always go above and beyond for my clients, making sure their experience with me is personalized,” adds Nicole. “I’m able to not only email professional quotes to my clients but each quote is personalized just for them.”

In addition to running her own romance travel agency, Nicole is also a wife and mother, so she knows what it’s like to wear multiple hats. To stay on track with her business, she sets goals for herself and dates to accomplish those goals by.

“Believe in yourself that you can do it,” Nicole advises agents who are also trying to reach Pinnacle. “Give yourself a little push to continue striving toward your dream!”

True to her strategy, Nicole has already set new targets for her business: $500,000 in travel sales in 2016, and to be among KHM Travel’s top 30 producing agents.

“With the way my year has gone so far this year I truly believe this will become a reality for me!” she says.

Thank you to Nicole for sharing her inspiring story, and congratulations on reaching your goals!

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