KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Sarah Moretz

Written by: Guest on February 20, 2015

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Sarah Moretz, this month’s featured independent travel agent in our Pinnacle Agent Spotlight, has built her career by following her passions.

In 2007, she got married and moved away from a job she loved. She was unsure about her next step, but she had always been an avid traveler. Her family and friends often sought her advice when planning trips.

sarah-moretz-khm-agent-spotlight “I said a prayer and the KHM ‘Be An Agent’ ad popped up on my Facebook page,” says Sarah.

She knew then that becoming a travel agent was the right path for her.

After becoming an agent, she gradually began building her client base and narrowing her niche within the travel industry. At first, her family and close friends were her primary clients, but she has grown her business through referrals.

As for finding niche, Sarah believes that developing distinct strengths and acknowledging her weaknesses give her an advantage when it comes to selling travel.

“I know what I enjoy selling, and what I do not,” she says. “I follow my passions.”

Sarah’s keys to success are developing strong relationships with clients by paying attention to their needs and providing exceptional customer service. She is an expert in the products she sells, and understands that she might not always be the best person for the job.

When this is the case, she happily refers clients to another knowledgeable KHM online Travel Agent that specializes in that client’s travel needs.

Word of mouth has been critical to growing her travel company, Dynamic Journeys Travel, but she also uses Facebook to connect with clients. As a travel agent, she is always learning about new ways to develop her business. This year, she plans to explore new marketing platforms and take advantage of the tools offered by preferred suppliers.

While her success is propelled by her love of travel, her favorite part of the job is getting feedback from satisfied clients.

She loves hearing that her efforts result in clients being able to relax, try new things or reconnect with one another. In addition, happy customers often bring new referrals to her travel agency.

Sarah is truly a globetrotter when it comes to her own travel experiences. She’s been to Japan, Rome, and French Polynesia, just to name a few of her adventures.

Her favorite trip to date was a safari through South Africa and Zambia. She and her husband swam at the top of Victoria Falls, went on an elephant back safari and enjoyed the company of hippos just outside their room.

As many travel professionals will find, travel often leads to developing lifelong connections to a place. Sarah’s connection to Africa extends beyond that of a visitor; her agency donates a portion of its profits to Heart for Africa, an organization that provides care for abandoned and abused children in Swaziland.

Sarah’s journey as a travel professional has been guided by her enthusiasm for seeing the world. It is no surprise then, that her advice to new agents is follow their passion and find the niche that will allow them to be successful.

If you’d like to start a fun, rewarding career as a home based travel agent, fill out the form on the right of the screen or call 1-888-611-1220 to receive our free start-up packet.

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