Why Use Instagram as a Travel Agent?

Written by: Michelle on August 23, 2018

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Instagram can be a powerful tool to help you grow a following of clients and potential clients, but is it the right social media platform for you? It’s a big question, especially if you are taking time out of your busy schedule to plan posts and write captions. Consider these factors, and consider your audience, when deciding if Instagram is an appropriate marketing avenue for you.

Is Instagram Right for Your Business?

There are over 200 million Instagram users in the U.S. Of those users, 59% are under 30, and another 33% are between 30 and 49 years old. If your target clients are part of these demographics, adding Instagram to your marketing strategy might be beneficial. Also consider that you may be reaching teens and young adults who have an influence on where their families will travel.

Instagram does have a website you can access from your desktop or laptop, but to post photos and to take advantage of all of the platform’s functionality, you will need to use it on a mobile device. Remember that users almost always view this platform on mobile as well.

Many of the top brands on Instagram posts four to five times per week. While there is no guarantee this is the right amount of posts for you, it’s a good starting point for many businesses. Before getting started on Instagram or any social media platform, make sure you have the time to invest in posting consistent and meaningful content that will catch the eyes of your followers. If you feel that you don’t have the time, it is okay to focus on the other areas of your business, rather than spreading your resources too thin.

How do Instagram Users Share and Interact with Travel Posts?

Many Instagram users build their account to reflect an online photo album or diary of the events and memorable moments in their lives. Posting travel photos is very common and important to most users, because they see their personal Instagram accounts as a way to revisit memories.
They also use Instagram to escape. Through the platform, they seek out global and cultural insights from their fellow users who can offer knowledge about some place new. Travel posts that draw attention often inspire, peak curiosity, and tell a story.

In a recent survey, users were asked how they use the platform to share and interact with travel themed posts. This is what they said:

  • 70% share their own travel photos.
  • 67% find inspiration for a travel destination.
  • 62% build excitement for upcoming trips.
  • 61% learn about local culture and traditions.

Is it worth it?

After you have taken the time to take pictures, craft the compelling captions, and post your content, you may be left wondering if it was worth it. Instead of waiting for likes and comments, focus on keeping users engaged by replying to the comments you do receive, and also comment on others’ photos that you find interesting or relevant to you. You can put your posts’ success into perspective by comparing the number of followers you have against the number of engagements with a post. If you have 50 followers, and 25 likes on one post, that’s an engaging post!

Instagram has a high average interaction rate, meaning that a higher percentage of users comment and like Instagram posts than the users on other social media platforms. In fact, Instagram users are 10 times more likely to interact with a post than Facebook users. And remember that more users see your post than just those who like or comment.

By simply being a part of the larger conversation about travel, you are establishing your authority as someone with knowledge and insight in the travel industry who people can turn to. Continuing to post consistently, watching your following grow, and having meaningful interactions with clients and potential clients are all part of spreading the word about you, your travel business, and your value.

KHM Travel Group believes in supporting our agents as begin their travel businesses. Through our resources, education, and dedicated staff, our agents are able to find success. Are you considering starting your travel business with KHM Travel Group? You can complete to form on the right or give us a call at 1-888-611-1220 for more information!

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