Get Your Clients in the Mood for a Halloween Cruise  

Written by: KHM Staff on October 31, 2023

Jack O Laterns
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Taking a cruise is a fantastic way to celebrate Halloween. Ships are decked out in Halloween décor and passengers are dressed in costume. Some cruise line may host events like trick-or-treating and costume contests.  

To help your clients prepare for their vacation, we have compiled a list of book and movie recommendations for all ages and scare levels.  


From playful witchy vibes to mild frights for emerging readers, if your clients are looking to pack some fall reading for the plane, by the pool, or in their stateroom after a fun day, these selections will surely get them into the spirit of the season. 

Mister Shivers Books – Max Brallier 

Perfect for beginner readers, these eerily spectacular short stories feature eye-catching illustrations and creepy tales that aren’t too scary. With four books to choose from, children can enjoy about twenty stories across the collection. 

The Books of Lindsay Currie  

Lindsay Currie writes spooky chapter books for middle grade students that also appeal to adults looking for mild fall frights. Her highest rated titles include Scritch Scratch and The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street. 

The Practical Magic series – Alice Hoffman 

Prolific author Alice Hoffman is known for her beautiful writing and master storytelling. Among her most popular books are the four that comprise the Practical Magic series, which is particularly beloved by bookworms who delight in cozy fall reading. Each book is a standalone read. Together they relay the history of the witchy Owens women from 1600’s Salem to present-day. 

Cackle – Rachel Harrison 

Annie is a young woman who leaves New York City following a breakup to take a teaching position in a quaint village upstate. The town is warm and inviting, perfect and picturesque. Just what she needs for a fresh start. 

Then Annie meets the enchanting Sophie, who takes a keen interest in Annie, wanting to become friends and spend more and more time together. Completely charmed by her, Annie wants to be in her new friend’s presence even though the townsfolk seem to fear her. As unusual events begin to unfold, Annie can’t help but wonder who (or what!) Sophie really is. 


Here are six movies to get your clients in the mood for their spooky sailing! These are great to watch ahead of time, or to download to a device to watch on a flight or at night when they return to their cabin for some much-needed rest after all the fun activities on board.  

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (PG, 2018)

This is the third movie in the Hotel Transylvania series, all of which take place around the title hotel which make them a fun watch to get in the travel mindset. This one is especially perfect for your cruise clients since it takes place on board a ship.  

Scooby-Doo (PG, 2002)

Travel to ‘Spooky Island’ with the Mystery, Inc. gang. Get your clients on island time and excited for all their ports of call. It is also a great way to potentially introduce a whole new audience to these classic characters.  

Jaws (PG, 1975) 

While this is rated PG, it is not for the faint of heart. This classic thriller can make even the most experienced of swimmers look over their shoulder when splashing in the ocean.  

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (PG 13, 2003) 

For families with older kids, this recommendation is perfect for getting ready to set sail. The allure of classic pirate tales and ships is sure to thrill your client and is perfect for Caribbean sailings. For the adults in the group, it may get them excited for their first sip of rum on vacation!  

Murder Mystery (PG13)  

For your adult clients and couples, this option provides a perfect balance of excitement, wanderlust, romance, and laughs. The movie takes place aboard a luxury yacht traveling in Europe and will entice your clients with stunning views.  

Ghost Ship (R, 2002) 

This recommendation is ideal for your clients who are horror movie fans and ready for a good scare. It combines the mysteries of the vast ocean with a classic ghost story and is full of jump scares and eerie scenes.  

BONUS: Like Father (R, 2018) 

After a truly terrifying movie, it is nice to close the night with a comedy palate cleanser. This movie is not related to Halloween or anything scary, and it is filled with exciting cruise experiences since it takes place on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas.  

For more tips you can share with your clients to enhance their Halloween cruise, check out this episode of KHM Today with Kathy Killen, Strategic Account Manager for Royal Caribbean and Ashley Newton from KHM Travel Group.  

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