3 Romantic Destinations for a Spring Escape

Written by: Guest on November 08, 2019

English Harbour Panorama, Antigua
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As fall truly settles in across the country, and the air picks up a new chill, it’s time to start planning spring getaways. Traveling in the spring does mean that you are more likely to be surrounded by spring breakers. So, if you’re looking for a relaxing escape, you probably want to steer away from traditional spring break destinations that attract undergrads and families.

Where should you go instead? These destinations offer romance and relaxation, without the crowds.


If it’s a beach vacation your clients are looking for, then they will fall for Antigua’s 365 white sand beaches and aquamarine waters. The island’s coral reefs are also ideal for couples looking to scuba dive and explore the world below the waves.

Paired with the stunning island landscape, Antigua’s is also home to a range of accommodations that can accommodate every level of luxury. The Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa’s overwater bungalows are located on the scenic shores of Deep Bay and each feature a swim-out infinity pool, over-water hammock, and glass floors to see the aquatic life below.

Along with the Royalton Antigua’s luxury offerings, the island also has Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa is an in-demand location, which has been named the most romantic resort in the world.

Arenal Volcano At Sunrise In Costa Rica, As The Sun Reflects On The Newly Formed Clouds

Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s sweeping landscapes accent the country’s commitment to the environment and its natural beauty. This small Central American country is dedicated to preserving its rich diversity of plants and animals through sustainability initiatives and green energy. This is all part of Costa Rica’s  Pura Vida, or Pure Life, philosophy.

What does that mean for your clients? Escaping to Costa Rica enables them to reconnect with nature, whether that’s taking a guided hike through the jungles, listening to the waves crash on the beach, or visiting a sloth sanctuary.

Costa Rica is ideal for your clients looking for a little bit of adventure sprinkled into their relaxing vacation.

Parc Guell, Barcelona
Parc Guell, Barcelona


Culturally curious travelers will find Barcelona’s metropolitan vibes and mild Mediterranean climate the perfect spot to escape to this spring. Even in January, Barcelona’s location on Spain’s southeastern coast keeps the weather in the 50s and 60s! Those with a creative flair will be mesmerized by the whimsical architecture of Antoni Gaudí and his masterpiece, Sagrada Familia. From the Park Güell to the Picasso Museum, Barcelona has plenty of attractions to explore during the day, and the night scene invites travelers to embrace the city’s sophisticated seaside style.

After a siesta, your clients can set out for a night full of tapas (small plate) dining, red wines, and Spanish dancing. Local specialties include fresh olives, bombas, and paella. The locals will encourage guests to wash their bites down with Kalimotxo, which is a drink that combines red wine and Coca Cola.

Why should you book a spring break trip now?

Couple Having Fun Running Through Waves On Beach Vacation
  • Remember that summer travel can be costly, and for many of us, summer is so busy with other commitments that spring can be a better time to take a trip.
  • While rates around peak spring break times may be high, holiday and summer travel almost always even higher. Having some flexibility to travel in February or April can help you take advantage of lower costs.
  • Spring break travel is busy and is continually growing in popularity. Booking now to ensures you will have the flights, room category, and dates that you are looking for.

As always, using a travel agent to plan your spring break trip is one of the best ways to ensure that you will have a stress-free vacation.

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