River Cruises Combine Innovative Ships & Unique Experiences

Written by: Guest on March 23, 2015

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Unlike ocean cruises, modern river cruising is a relatively new travel trend. Twenty to thirty years ago, river cruising was mostly restricted to privately owned and operated ships. They were expensive, and ships typically carried only a few passengers.

Today, river cruising is one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry. European river cruises especially continue to gain momentum, with the North American market for voyages in Europe more than doubling since 2007.

The world’s top ten most popular river cruises all operate in Europe. The most popular river cruise itineraries include “windmill and tulips” tours through Holland, romantic voyages through France’s countryside, and scenic sailings that pass by quaint villages and storybook castles in Germany.

River cruises aren’t limited to European waterways. Travelers can enjoy tours of the world’s major rivers in Asia, South America, Africa and North America. Avalon Waterways, for example, offers exotic sailings through China, Myanmar and Peru.

The number of itineraries and ships available to river cruises continues to grow; in 2014 alone more than two dozen ships were added to the industry’s fleets.

Accommodations and amenities on river cruise ships have also steadily improved as demand — and competition — increases. Avalon Waterways leads the industry with their innovative Suite Ships, in which passengers enjoy floor-to-ceiling views as they pass historic villages and brilliant landscapes. In addition to their stunning vistas, these Open-Air-Balcony staterooms are the most spacious among river cruise ships.

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