Which Seasons Should You Travel In?

Written by: Michelle on September 18, 2020

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Just because the summer is winding down doesn’t mean our wanderlust has to! For those of us that settled for staycations this summer due to travel restrictions and health concerns, we are beyond ready to hit the road. But the truth is, traveling isn’t just for summer; it’s for all 4 seasons!

Ne Autumn

But which season is right for your dream vacation?

Looking for natural beauty, full flavors, and no sunburns?

A gentle breeze, the color of the leaves, and the flavors of harvest season: fall is all about the senses with flavors and colors that fill us with joy. Northern states, especially those in New England, are ideal for a leaf-peeping road trip. These states are also home to fresh apple cider, pumpkin everything, and the perfect weather for a long hike. Book your clients in Massachusetts for a chance to see stunning leaves, try a local lobster roll, and take a trip into Boston to see those lessons from American History class come to life.


Do you love the first snowfall of the year and nights spent by the fire?

There are two types of travelers in the winter: the ones who love the snow and the ones seeking out the sun! For those embracing the snow and chilly air, ski resorts in Colorado or Vermont are ideal for days spent outside and warm nights by the fire. Your clients may even consider cabin rentals to enjoy the serene quiet of a winter night with a cup of hot cocoa in hand.

Wish you could skip the snow and go right back to summer?

Summer Beach

If your clients are seeking some sun to break up their winter, there are some destinations that are perfect spots for all the seasons. Las Vegas is a high-energy city where the sun shines nearly every day of the year keeping the city going and offering travelers the chance to do it all. For a more relaxed vacation, Palm Springs, California offers a slower pace with plenty of style, so stylish in fact that it even has it’s own name: Palm Spring Midcentury! It’s like stepping back in time to a colorful paradise complete with neon signs and relaxing hot tubs.

Looking forward to warmer weather, floral dresses, and a chance to reconnect with the outdoors?

Spring break is always a popular time to get away, especially for students and their families. But there’s more to spring than a single week. National parks around the country are in bloom and the first taste of warm weather after winter is an instant lift to your mood. The Grand Canyon in Arizona, Old Faithful in Yellowstone, and Monuments National Park in Utah are must destinations to see the beauty of our planet. And they make a great photo-op for the family!

Mt.st .helens Summer 1

Think vacations are all about sun, sand, and surf?

We live for the freedom and fun of summer vacation. From the beaches of the Outer Banks to islands of the Florida Keys, summer was made for beach vacations! Summer is also the best season to visit Alaska. With train journeys and Alaskan cruises, travelers can experience the Great North like never before! But it’s important for your clients to book their summer vacations early! Especially for 2021 as some destinations may still have limited capacities or restrictions.

No matter which seasons your clients are looking to travel in, you’re sure to find a destination they’ll be thrilled to experience!

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