Tips to Grow Your Small Business in 2021

Written by: Stephanie on June 24, 2021

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Whether you are a brand new travel agent or have been in the industry for years, with vaccines widely available and people starting to travel again, now is the perfect time to examine your small business and assess how you can continue to grow.

The following tips will help get your agency on track as the world begins to reopen to travelers.

Know your products.

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More than ever, travel agents need to be able to demonstrate their value and expertise over online booking sites. Whether you specialize in Caribbean cruises or group tours to Europe, make sure you are well-versed in every detail that goes into planning an unforgettable trip. Does the resort allow pets? How much will Wi-Fi cost onboard? Being able to anticipate your customer’s needs will increase the odds they will book with you again — and recommend you to their friends!

Get personal.

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Travelers might want to book a trip with you but may hesitate if they do not know who you are. Developing relationships with clients and potential clients is crucial to building trust. Simple steps like including your headshot on your agency’s website and calling — rather than always emailing — will allow clients to connect with the person behind the business. Establishing a brand and a voice will connect you to your clients and help foster a business relationship, so learning to market your business effectively is important.

Use KHM Travel Group’s marketing tools.

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The Marketing Team at KHM Travel Group has created many resources agents can use to promote their small business. Travel and holiday social media graphics and videos, destination guides and themed emails, and the simple tools and templates available in the CRM are all ways to reach clients – and potential clients – easily. Current KHM Travel Agents can access these resources in the Marketing section of the Agent Portal.

Be aware of your potential clients’ web browsing habits.

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Sixty percent of websites are accessed from smartphones or tablets, so maintaining a mobile-friendly site will keep your online audience informed and engaged. And Facebook is still popular, with Americans spending an average of 33 minutes each day exploring the site. Dedicate some of your time to creating and maintaining a Facebook page.

If you’d like to learn more about starting your own rewarding career as a home based travel agent, fill out the form on the right side of the screen or call 1-888-611-1220 to receive our free start-up guide.

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