5 Ways to Prep Your Travel Business for 2024

Written by: KHM Staff on January 18, 2024

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The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make a fresh start for your travel business. Even if your 2023 stacked up to be a success, evaluating what worked best can be a great way to build on those achievements in the coming year.

Getting your goals in order now this month ensures that you are ready with a renewed outlook at the start of the year…and Wave Season!

Here are five simple things you can do this month to set yourself up for your best year yet.

Evaluate Your Branding

The most important part of marketing yourself and your business is making sure your branding matches your personality and what you sell. As 2024 begins, your branding or marketing plan may be in need of some adjustments–even if it’s as simple as updating the headshot or profile photo you use. Remember that unless you need to do a complete overhaul, small changes are best so you don’t confuse your clients!

Order Business Cards

If you’re completely happy with your current branding, you can stock up on business cards. Often times buying in bulk allows you to get bigger discounts or savings. Be sure you always have business cards with you. You never know when a conversation about travel may happen. Of course, business cards are a must for industry events, networking opportunities, and trade shows.

Review Your Profiles

The beginning of the year is a good time to revisit your social media profiles and review your contact information, bio, and profile photo. If you have completed any training, changed your niche, or want to feature specific destinations or trip styles, make your necessary edits. Freshen up your profile photo with a professional headshot or your business logo.

Spruce Up Your Office

Working from home allows for convenience and comfort, but it’s important that you have a dedicated space that allows you to focus. Try checking out some post-holiday deals to see if you can snag some inspiring décor or new office equipment. Purchasing something that can enhance your work atmosphere or productivity is a great way to use gift cards you received from family or friends. Remember that small touches can have a big impact. Items like proper lighting, an essential oil diffuser, inspiring artwork, or pretty office supplies can really enhance your work day.

Organize Your Travel Photos

Hopefully your year included fun travel memories and new adventures! Use the beginning of the year as a time to make sure your photos are organized and labeled in folders. Then, when a client calls, you have easy access to this content. Creating albums on your business Facebook page allows you to show off your personal travels to your followers. This gives your clients a true glimpse at what resorts and cruises look like without all the editing magic! Design Instagram stories of your vacations and save them as highlights on your profile. (Don’t forget to back up your photos on an external drive or to the cloud.)

Looking for more new year marketing tips? Watch our marketing segment on KHM Today:

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