5 Ways to Market Your Resort Trip

Written by: Stephanie on May 12, 2021

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Whether you’re excitedly planning your next vacation or preparing to set off on a familiarization (FAM) trip with other travel advisors, there are several easy ways to document your experience to share with your clients. Between writing blog posts, sharing on social media, or going live in destination, here are five ways to market your resort trip (and perhaps inspire some new bookings!)

Take Notes

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Take time each day to reflect and record your thoughts, noting pros and cons of your resort stay. Consider the lobby and common areas, landscaping and general maintenance, the room and its amenities, beach and pool areas, fitness facilities and classes, kids’ clubs and services, and restaurants and bars. Jot down thoughts on the check-in process, room service, spa services, and offered activities. Last, think about who this resort is for. Would you recommend it for families with young children or teens? An older couple celebrating an anniversary? A group of friends?

Pro tip: Keep your resort notes together in a binder or file folder on your computer to assist clients or write blog posts upon return.

Go Live in Destination

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Before departure, let your social media followers know where you’re traveling and what your plans are for live, in-destination videos. Stir up excitement with teaser photos and personalized messages to your audience. Going live in destination can be as simple as a room tour, a peaceful scan of the waves lapping the beach, quick interview with resort staff, or a live musical performance. For further suggestions on creating video for marketing your business, check out this post from Ashley Newton, KHM Travel Group’s Lead Video Content Specialist.

Pro tip: Before departure, write down the themes for the live videos you plan to broadcast.

Prep as You Go

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The number of photos travel advisors take on trips can be a bit overwhelming, so editing the photos each day or preparing the social media posts throughout vacation is a great way to stay on top of the resort details and moments you wish to showcase for your clients. Spend a little time each day preparing and posting, then continue to share photographs once you return home.

Pro tip: Before departure, make a list of the photographs you want to capture while on resort property and check them off as you snap them. Then, you’ll know you have the desired images for promoting both the resort and your business.

Focus on the Food

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How many times have you heard clients describe themselves as “foodies,” requesting a resort with a reputation for awesome dining? Delicious food is important to many travelers, so share your meals! Documenting breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages often provokes responses on social media. Writing a blog post-travel about resort food is easy when you document your snacks and meals throughout the trip.

Pro tip: Snap a photo of the dish and its description from the menu so you can include that in your social media caption. Record and share a brief video of the menu offerings to entice your foodie clients to dream of in-destination dining.

Write a Blog Post…or Several!

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Clients are always interested in the opinions of travel advisors…it’s one of the reasons they trust you with their vacation plans! Document your vacation or FAM experience in a blog post, or stretch one trip into a series of blog posts. You can creatively use one vacation to write and share multiple posts with your audience when you consider the following: a general resort review, food and restaurant overviews, a breakdown of your meals with photos, a day-by-day itinerary to show how you spent your time, a simple resort facts post, or a feature on your excursions.

Pro tip: Make a list of post ideas before departure so you can take helpful notes and photos specific to what you plan to write.

By implementing these five ways to market your resort trip, you’ll turn each vacation and FAM trip into an engaging marketing campaign!

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