How to Survive Your First Travel Agent FAM Trip

Written by: Guest on February 28, 2017

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So you’re an independent travel agent, and you’ve just registered for your first FAM (familiarization) trip. FAMs are one of the most valuable investments a travel agent can make — and they can also be a lot of fun — so get excited!

However, preparing for a travel agent FAM is a different from preparing for your vacation, or business trip. That’s because it’s a little of both! If your first FAM is coming up, or if you’d just like to get a better idea of what FAM trips are all about, check out these tips from KHM Travel staff members who recently survived their first FAM.

1. Remember, that this is a work trip… not a vacation. If you have that mindset going into this, you’ll have a much better experience. Your first priority is gaining information and connections that will help your business, not getting as much pool time as possible. However, you should take advantage of free time, since this is when you’ll experience the resorts as your clients will.

2. Let your guard down, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. This is an opportunity to not only learn about properties you are visiting, but also about the businesses of other agents and KHM Travel Group staff. You’ll be surprised by how much you can learn from others along the way if you open up.

3. Over-packing is not a problem — it’s a necessity! Especially if you’re touring resorts in Mexico or the Caribbean, you will probably sweat. A lot. So pack more than enough clothes.

4. Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes. You will want to maintain a professional appearance, but keep in mind the touring days will be long and you’ll be doing a lot of walking. The last thing you’ll want is to be completely uncomfortable or get blisters!

5. Don’t worry about being glamorous; accept the fact that the humidity in Mexico has ruined your hair and sweated your makeup off completely. It’s ok – it’s happening to everyone. Just embrace it!

6. Accept the samples of fruity and sometimes alcoholic drinks you’re handed at each resort, but only if you’re drinking plenty of water.

7. Take a lot of pictures and make sure to start off each new property with a photo of its name. If you view various room categories, make sure to note (or take a picture) of the room number or category name. This will help you stay organized when you return home.

8. While jumping from property to property, take notes on its strengths and weaknesses. Note which resorts your clients might enjoy and jot down the selling points.

9. Pay attention to your tour guide and ask questions when you have them. The people at the resorts are trying to help you sell what they’re offering, so use them as a resource. But be respectful when you are in a group – you don’t want to hold everyone up during a long, busy day.

10. We suggest that you purchase travel insurance for your trip – as with any travel, you never know what could happen!

On our event website, you can check out photos and read recaps from KHM Travel Group’s past FAMs to get an even better idea of what these travel agent trips are like.

If you have a passion for exploring new destinations, and would like a career that lets you travel more often, consider starting your own travel agency from home!

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