The Simplest Ways to Add Video to Your Marketing Strategy

Written by: Guest on June 16, 2020

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Written by Ashley Newton, Lead Video Content Specialist

Coming up with marketing materials for your travel business can be a frustrating endeavor. You want to be consistent, have fresh content, and of course, get your audience’s attention. Video marketing is a great way to stand out by getting people’s focus, and they are more likely to retain the information shared in the video than with text or images alone.

Do I Need to Create Videos?

Creating your own video content takes time, money, opportunity, and a unique skill set.  But you don’t actually need to create your own content to use video marketing. You already have high-quality content at your fingertips that you can share to promote your business.

Finding Video Content from KHM Travel Group

KHM Travel Group agent have access to content created specifically for travel agents, like our Vacation Vision series. These short, shareable videos are designed to get people thinking about their next vacation. They are available to download from MyTravelAgentPortal. Then, you can upload and share these videos on your own platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or your website.

We also upload these to KHM Travel’s Facebook, so you can simply “share” them from your business Facebook account. Our YouTube channel also has our Vacation Vision series, videos on supplier products (like Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean,) and general industry messages, like our “Keeping the Dream of Travel Alive” video.

Other Sources for Finding Video Content

You should also utilize videos from suppliers, tourism boards, and other industry professionals and organizations. Find and follow brands or suppliers you are familiar with on social media. This gives you instant access to a wealth of content. Some suppliers have travel agent marketing resources available that include videos. Spend some time getting familiar with the resources already available to you.

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Here are a few of our favorites:

Writing Video Posts

Even though you are not creating the content, there is a still opportunity to be creative and incorporate your brand. You never want to just “hit share” on a video. Use the post text to share your personal experience and expertise when you can. Including text with the post allows you to control the tone and tell your audience why you love the video or product being featured.

It’s a good idea to always include a  call-to-action (CTA) in the text of your post. You may ask people to share their favorite travel memories or bucket-list destinations. You can also get creative in where and how you share content. If you share a video on Facebook, what other ways can you use it? Can you write a blog post about it? Share it on Twitter? Create an email for your clients with a link to the video and additional insights only you can provide?

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Best Practices for Sharing Videos

Never edit or alter content you did not create. For instance, adding your logo or an ending graphic to a video. Doing this could lead to potential copyright claims.

Stick to resources you trust, like KHM Travel Group, reputable travel suppliers, tourism boards, and industry organizations (like ASTA or CLIA.) Sharing resources from unknown origins can lead to misinformation and potentially damage your professional reputation.  

Video is a powerful tool that tells a story, transports people to a different time or place, and evokes emotion. Video content is not going away anytime soon, so finding a way to add it to your marketing strategy is a wise business decision. You can use these methods to get started without a large investment of your time or money.

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