6 Valuable Sources of Creative Inspiration for Travel Agents

Written by: Guest on July 08, 2016

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Some days, the creative juices just flow. Other days, it can seem impossible to think of a single thing to post on Facebook. Where can travel agents turn when they need a creative pick-me-up?

These sources will help fuel travel agents’ creativity, so they can amp up their marketing efforts and keep their social media feeds filled with compelling, relevant content.

1. Pinterest Travel Boards

Whether you need an idea for a blog post, or are just looking for a pretty picture to share, travel-related pins and boards can provide an endless number of ideas. Pins like “The Most Outstanding Beaches in the World” or “6 Things to Do Before Every Cruise” are perfect for sharing with your followers to get them dreaming about their next vacation. Plus, Pinterest is full of beautiful graphics with inspirational travel quotes, which are always a hit on social media!

2. Travel Guidebooks

Sure, there’s plenty to learn from supplier websites and from a quick Google search, but it’s just as easy to get lost between the pages of old-school travel guidebook. Pick up a Fodor’s or a Lonely Planet guide to a destination you know nothing about — and see where it takes you! Just make sure it’s an updated edition, so you’re getting the most current info.

3. Travel News Websites

Beautiful photos and cute, hand-drawn country maps are eye-catching, but it’s also essential to keep your followers up-to-speed on events, trends, and issues they may affect their travel. Bookmark sites like Travel Weekly and TravelPulse, and sign up for ASTA’s SmartBrief email newsletter so you can have travel news delivered straight to your inbox. For cruise specialists, Cruise Critic contains tons of in-depth ship reviews and cruise industry updates.

4. Popular Consumer Travel Magazines

Who doesn’t get inspired flipping through the colorful, glossy photos in Travel + Leisure, or Conde Nast Traveler? Only the best of the best make it to print, so travel magazines are guaranteed to include new perspectives and creative storytelling. A few other publications known for their stunning visuals are Islands Magazine, National Geographic Travel and AFAR. For those with a budget-friendly clientele, Budget Travel is a useful resource. And don’t forget about The Compass Magazine!

5. Travel-related TV Shows

Anthony Bourdain’s shows, Parts Unknown, No Reservations and The Layover, are fantastic examples of expert storytelling, in addition to being illuminating travelogues. If Bourdain isn’t your cup of tea, Rick Steves’ Europe, House Hunters International or anything on the Travel Channel will transport you from the couch to almost anywhere around the globe.

6. Your Clients and Fellow Agents

As a travel agent, you notice when people are traveling, and where. If you see a Facebook friend posting travel photos to a destination of interest, reach out to them and ask them what they loved about their trip. Or what they learned from their trip. These real-life experiences could be valuable to pass along your own followers as well!

Of course, you can always check back on the KHM Travel Group blog for inspiration too!

As a travel professional, you have the power to inspire others to travel and turn their vacation aspirations into a reality — it just might require a little bit of creativity on your part!

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