Choosing a Travel Specialty

Written by: Stephanie on April 21, 2022

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When it comes to vacation options, travel advisors receive a variety of requests, from cruises to resorts, from Florida to France. Additionally, there are many reasons why people travel – for honeymoons, family reunions, business, or other milestone events.

It is possible to cater to all types of clients, destinations, and requests. However, developing a specialization can enhance a travel agent’s ability to serve their clients. If you become an expert in particular destinations, reasons for travel, or travel styles like international tours or all-inclusive resorts, you are more confident in what you are selling, and it shows to clients and potential clients!

If you’re new to the industry or considering becoming a travel agent, here are a few niches you might focus on. These are just a few ideas – your travel specialty can be as unique as you are!

When choosing your niche, consider your client base, popular travel styles and destinations in your area, and of course, your passion!

Family Travel


After two years of disruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, family travel (especially multigenerational travel) is surging. Travel suppliers are finding more and more ways to accommodate this huge market, including European river cruises geared towards families and new all-inclusive resorts with waterparks and endless entertainment. If you enjoy working with a wide range of age groups, fostering a love of travel in younger generations, and helping families develop new traditions, consider focusing on family travel.

Accessible Travel


For travelers with disabilities, the desire to travel is often marred by the additional hurdles that may occur during their journeys. Fortunately, a growing group of travel agents is specializing in accessible travel. In addition to their regular knowledge and skills, these travel agents also open a world of possibilities for those that might not otherwise dream of traveling.

Cruise Specialist


Both ocean cruises and river cruises are among the fastest-growing segments in the travel industry, and those who love sailing the seas are returning to their beloved cruise ships in droves. If you’re a cruise fanatic too, why not share this passion with others and become a cruise specialist? You can focus on one type of cruising, one or two cruise lines, or go in-depth with a destination like Alaska if you find it beneficial for your business.

Romance Specialist


In any economy, people will spend money on their honeymoons, destination weddings, and milestone anniversaries. If you love love and want to be part of life’s most romantic celebrations, a career as a romance travel agent might be right for you. The national average for honeymoon spending is $5000 per couple, with 1 in 10 couples spending more than $10,000 for this special vacation. This results in a 12 billion dollar per year industry!

Destination Specialist


Let’s say you know and love absolutely everything about Italy. You’ve planned dozens of trips there, you’ve completed extra specialist courses on Italy, and you’ve visited the country multiple times yourself. When someone thinks of Italy, they’ll immediately think of you. Marketing yourself as a destination specialist helps your client make a direct connection between you and a specific place, think of you as an expert, and then trust you with their vacation plans.

Regardless of your niche, if you have a true passion for travel, being a travel agent can be a very fulfilling career. Plus, through the help of a host travel agency, you’ll have all the training, support and resources you need at your fingertips.

KHM Travel Group can help you launch your own travel business, and guide you towards choosing a travel specialty that works for you. Get our free information packet by filling out the form on the right or by calling our team at 1-888-611-1220.

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