Quick Tips for a Good Work-Life Balance as a Travel Agent

Written by: Guest on June 12, 2018

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Written by: Bill Coyle, KHM Travel Group’s Director of Industry Affairs

One of the best ways to reach our top-producing agent programs, Basecamp and Pinnacle, is by working smart and focusing on the high commission products available through our Preferred Suppliers. But what happens when you get to those levels? Maintaining a growing list of clients and bookings can be a challenge, and you may find yourself overworked and overwhelmed.

These suggestions are meant to help you better manage your time, reach your goals, and maintain a work-life balance.

Establish set work hours and make them known to your clients. Posting your hours on your Facebook page or website gives clients a realistic expectation of when you’ll be available to answer questions and work on new bookings.

• If you work with other agents or have Sub-agents, share what you know with them so they can help clients when you are too busy.

Whenever possible, try to be a “package agent.” Offering packages with itineraries that are easy to create with air, hotel, and car helps avoid time spent piecing together every aspect of the trip.

Embrace technology for keeping track of your time. Whether it’s the calendar app on your phone, or tasks in myTravelCRM, or a scheduling app like Calendly, find a system that keeps you organized and on track. If you’ve set aside one hour to work on researching a client’s trip or scheduling posts on social media, set a timer to remind yourself when that hour is up.

• Part of managing your time is being able to realize when you’re burnt out. Take a break every hour or so, just to take a walk, get a snack, or read something unrelated to your travel business. Think of them as little rewards to keep you motivated throughout the day.

Set aside family time. When you’re off the clock and spending quality time with them, make sure to be 100 percent present. It’s perfectly fine to talk to your family and friends about your day, or a special trip you are planning. When they have a better idea of why you’re working late, or on weekends, they will hopefully be more understanding.

Spend time with like-minded people and be choosy with your friends. Since your free time may be more limited as your workload increases, ensure the time you do have to spend with friends is enjoyable and productive.

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