How to Charge Fees as a Travel Agent

Written by: Michelle on June 28, 2023

Travel Agent Tips Charging Fees
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If you’re new to the travel industry, one of the most frequently asked questions involves how travel agents get paid. Travel agents earn commission (that’s paid by the supplier) after the client has traveled. So how can you still earn money even when your clients aren’t visiting beautiful destinations?

Charging fees can provide a steady stream of income when clients aren’t traveling. Planning a trip takes time and effort – and a fee can show the value of your research and time!

Before you can decide if a fee is right for your business, there are several factors to consider.

Watch below to hear Vice President of Agent Engagement Bill Coyle’s advice for how to charge fees as a travel agent. He also shares helpful tips for implementing a fee and communicating it to your clients.

How Charge Fees As A Travel Agent

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KHM Travel Group always recommends you consult a legal professional for operating your travel business.

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