8 Things to Avoid on Every Flight

Written by: Stephanie on March 22, 2022

Airplane Interior
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While flying isn’t quite as glamorous as it was during the golden age of air travel, you can still feel like a star upon arrival. Feel refreshed and in vacation mode when you consider these 8 things to avoid on every flight.

Don’t zone out during the safety briefing.

The information shared during a safety briefing doesn’t take much time, and in the event of an emergency, you will know what to expect and do. Turn off your device and lend an ear to the crew while they present procedures to passengers.

Don’t use the seat pocket.

Flight attendants remove rubbish from the seat pockets, but this part of the plane is never properly cleaned. When you consider some of the disgusting items passengers dispose of here, do you really want to store your bottled water or iPad there? No. You don’t.

Don’t sit for the entire flight.

Stand up, stretch, and walk a bit each hour of your flight to prevent blood clots and provide some relief to your back, legs, and muscles. A lumbar support pillow can also prevent a sore back upon arrival.

Don’t turn off your air vent.

Airplanes can be quite cold, but instead of turning off your overhead vent, try adding layers of clothing to warm up. When you allow your air vent to work at a medium to high level, you help circulate cabin air and can prevent germs from hovering around your seat area.

Don’t put a bag overhead than can fit under the seat.

You might not want to give up the space for your feet, but if your bag can fit there and you’re storing it overhead, you’re being inconsiderate of other passengers. Plan your bags accordingly. Keep items you will want to access more often easy to grab.

Don’t order beverages made with water.

It’s no secret that water on airplanes can be quite gross – pipes and tanks only need mandatory cleaning four times per year, and your hot beverage water is coming from this tap. Skip the tea or coffee and bring along your own bottled water for drinking or mixing with baby formula.

Don’t skip the moisturizer.

The combination of low humidity, recycled air, and dry cabins can wreak havoc on your skin when you fly. Before flying, slather on lip balm and a moisturizer with SPF (those windows don’t protect against UV rays!) After landing, wash your face and apply moisturizer again to keep your skin clean and soft.

Don’t drink carbonated beverages or too much alcohol.

Ordering your beloved Diet Coke onboard might be tempting, but the carbonation could cause heartburn, gas, and bloating, leaving you uncomfortable for the duration of your flight and beyond. Alcohol can affect you more quickly in the air, worsen motion sickness, and prevent you from boarding your connecting flight if the gate agent deems you intoxicated. Stick with your bottled water to stay hydrated and comfortable.

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