The Hassle-Free Way to Pack Gifts for Holiday Flights

Written by: Guest on December 22, 2015

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This is one of the busiest seasons of the year for air travel, and chances are, you’ll be traveling with gifts. It can be a struggle to pack presents so they make it to your destination in one piece but without causing slowdowns at security checkpoints.

These tricks will help you tackle your luggage woes and glide through those long security lines.

1- Don’t Wrap It Up

Although TSA allows wrapped gifts in carry-ons and checked bags, if they spot something suspicious it might be opened. It’s generally better to wait until after your flight to wrap packages

2 – Use Gift Bags

Rather than worry about TSA opening your wrapped gifts, or having the paper get torn in transit, bring gift bags and tissue paper instead. They pack flat and won’t add much bulk or weight to your luggage. Once you’ve landed, it’ll be easy to assemble everything and place your presents under the tree.

3 – Choose Your Luggage Carefully

A large, hard-sided suitcase will give fragile gifts extra protection during the journey. Pack small but heavy gifts in your carry-on bag, so to help stay under the airline’s weight allowance. Never put valuables or irreplaceable items in a checked bag. Keep them with you at all times!

4 – Consider Your Ground Transportation

Once you arrive, is someone going to be picking you up at the airport, or are you renting a car? In either of these cases, it might be manageable to bring a few extra suitcases of gifts. If you have to deal with public transportation on your way to your final destination, it will probably be less hassle to have things shipped to the recipients instead.

5 – Know What NOT to Carry

Just as a reminder, these popular gift items are prohibited in your carry-on bags, and should be placed in your checked bags:

  • Bottles of wine
  • Snow globes
  • Powerdrills, hammers, tools longer than 7 inches
  • Baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks
  • Knives

Still have questions? Check out the TSA’s full list of prohibited items here or ask your travel agent!

We hope everyone has a safe and smooth journey this holiday season!

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