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Written by: Stephanie on November 16, 2023

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Hygge, the Danish concept of coziness that stirs pleasant feelings of contentment, has become a global phenomenon over the past few years. With numerous how-to books on the market, YouTube channels dedicated to the creation of cinematic hygge masterpieces, and social media accounts that showcase hygge at home, coziness is celebrated more than ever.  

But how do you capture that warm and fuzzy feeling on your next vacation? Consider how you embrace coziness at home and simply take it on the road (or to the sky, or to the sea!) when traveling.  

We have some ideas and inspiration for cozy travel:


Many people toss a popular trade paperback in their carry-ons or purchase a new book while waiting in the airport, but why not be a bit more deliberate about your reading selections? Choosing cozy reads that provide a calm and pleasant reading experience might be just the ticket for your upcoming road trip or flight. 


Sometimes it’s nice to insert your earbuds, curl up under a blanket, close your eyes, and let someone read to you. Alternatively, turn on a book in the car and then everyone can enjoy a story together. 

Music Playlists 

Wind down while unpacking and getting organized, or, listen to a soft music playlist while settling in at night after a long day of vacation fun. 

Traveler’s Notebook 

There’s just something about a Traveler’s Notebook. With its removable inserts, supple leather cover, and endless potential for customization and fun décor, it’s the coziest journaling option out there. Want the look without the hefty price tag? Peter Pauper Press has a budget-friendly option (that is slightly smaller than a traditional TN and requires its own inserts) or you can purchase a nice dupe on Amazon. 


Skip the traditional deck of cards and pack one of these small, fun, easy-to-learn games in your bag. Each of these plays in about 20 minutes or less (besides the Exit games, which are one hour) and most are great to play with children. They are also the perfect accompaniment to a steaming mug of tea or coffee! Many of these games are available at Target, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble; for best pricing, shop at online board game stores like Miniature Market and GameNerdz. 


For digital entertainment, keep the stress to a minimum and seek out games and activities with soothing music, muted color palettes, and relaxing game play.  

  • Morels  
  • Stardew Valley 
  • Penguin Isle 
  • Hidden Lands 
  • My Oasis 
  • Cats and Soup 
  • Townscaper 
  • Cozy Grove 
  • Tokaido 
  • Wingspan 

Hot Beverages To Go 

Sip coziness from your travel mug when you purchase and pack a stash of your favorite hot beverage packets.  

 Candles or Tea Lights (Battery-Operated) 

Tuck a few tea lights or pillar candles into your bag to set the mood in your hotel room or ship’s stateroom. They can also double as a nightlight for children who might be fearful of unfamiliar spaces. 

Cozy YouTube Channels 

With YouTube Premium, you can download videos to watch without access to Wi-Fi, but even without this paid feature, you can still enjoy YouTube’s coziness around the globe.  

  • Randi Lynn Reed @RandiLynnReed 
  • Morgan Long @MorganLong 
  • Haley Post – My Moonstone Kitchen @MyMoonstoneKitchen 
  • Darling Desi @DarlingDesi 
  • Carter Sullivan @CarterSullivan 
  • A L L I S O N @AllisonBickerstaff 
  • Cozyaholic @Cozyaholic 
  • Cozy K @CozyK 

Are you ready for cozy travel season? Your travel agent will help you plan a vacation full of warm memories and special moments! 

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