Quirky Jobs Every Resort Needs

Written by: Guest on January 23, 2015

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Only in the travel industry can you enlist the services of a Tequila Sommelier, Retail Therapist or Engagement Concierge (aka Love Doctor). The team at Travel + Leisure recently dreamed up a list of quirky jobs that would put travelers even more at ease at resorts and on cruise ships. The most ridiculous are summed up below. What positions do you think the industry could use?

Remote Controller. Especially handy after a few daiquiris, these television technicians will come to your rescue when your television “inexplicably” won’t turn on, off or switch from the hotel’s station.

Restaurant Mom. The flesh-and-blood version of that voice in your head, reminding you that this is your third trip to the sundae bar. Sure, it’s vacation — but you still need to fit into your swimsuit for the next four days onboard.

Bathrobe Curator. Let’s face it: unless you are Jennifer Aniston or George Clooney, hotel bathrobes are not the most flattering pool attire. The bathrobe curator will take your measurements upon arrival, and perfectly tailor your garment so you are covered up, looking good, and not drowning in terry cloth.

Gratuity Steward. Who hasn’t forgotten to tip the valet or the person who delivers your dry-cleaning to your room? The Gratuity Steward is by your side constantly, solving all of your tipping woes. He will not feel the least bit guilty telling you that he also deserves a generous tip.

Beach Appreciator. Nothing gives people the warm-and-fuzzies like a well-timed compliment. What better place to plant a hired flatterer than at a resort beach full of swimsuit-clad vacationers, wondering if those extra sit-ups really paid off?

Source: Travel + Leisure

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