7 Accessories Your Home Office Needs Now

Written by: Melissa on September 08, 2020

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To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges for travel advisors is an understatement. Assisting clients with constantly fluctuating travel and health restrictions means more time on the phone and in the office. Additionally, many agents’ schedules and work environments have shifted as children and other household members spend more time at home.

How can travel advisors stay productive and adapt to these changes? Adding a few new home office accessories can help!

Standing Desk

Assisting clients often means spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Sitting too much can negatively affect your energy level and your physical health. Give your brain and body a boost by adding a standing desk to your workspace.

Standing Desk 1

Small Whiteboard

Want to avoid—or at least limit—interruptions from others? Hang a dry erase board on the outside of your office door. Use it to let other household members know if they need to knock first, or when you can’t be disturbed.

Dry Erase Board

Bluetooth Headset

Long hold times can be tedious. A Bluetooth headset allows you to work on other tasks while you wait. If you’re looking for suggestions, check out one agent’s fun video on how she uses the extra time spent on hold.

Bluetooth Headset

Phone Tripod

Video calls have replaced many in-person meetings and consultations. A flexible mini tripod holds your phone steady while you chat, plus keeps your hands free for typing or writing notes. Future Travel Bonus: It’s lightweight and easy to pack, so you can use it as a tripod or selfie stick during your next FAM trip.



Do you find yourself propping up your laptop to try to get a better camera angle during video chats? Or leaning in close so that the microphone will pick up your voice? A USB webcam with a built-in microphone easily upgrades your virtual meeting experience and is great for recording videos to share on social media.



Are you constantly swapping your mouse, webcam, thumb drive, and other devices between the same USB port? A USB hub allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Usb Hub

Charging Cables

Staying connected can quickly drain your device’s battery. A longer charging cable keeps you from hanging out next to the power outlet all day. A braided cover and reinforced stress points mean more durability than standard cables. Future Travel Bonus: Long cords are useful in hotel rooms and cruise cabins with limited plug locations.

Charging Cable

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This post contains Amazon affiliate links. We hope you love the home office accessories we’ve recommended!

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