Becoming a Travel Agent: Home Office Essentials

Written by: Guest on December 09, 2016

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If you’re considering becoming a travel agent from home, chances are you already have the bare necessities. You can get started with just your laptop, phone and a reliable internet connection.

However, you will hopefully be spending a lot of time in your home office. This is where you’ll learn how to sell and book travel, communicate with clients and suppliers, and immerse yourself in researching your client’s trips.

Even if you just spend a few hours a week working on your travel business, you’ll want your workspace to be as comfortable, organized and efficient for you as possible.

These essentials will help you create an even more inviting, productive home office!

Minimize your paper trail with a no-strings-attached scanner. It won’t take up much space on your desk, and some don’t need to be connected to your computer to scan — they can scan your docs right to the SD card.

Succulent Garden
Workspace foliage helps keep the air a little fresher, and has been shown to increase productivity and relieve stress. Succulents are easy to care for, come in many shapes and sizes, and provide a pop of color to any desk or shelf.

Sit to Stand Desk Riser
If you’re sick of sitting for hours on end, give an adjustable desk riser a try. They’ve also been tested and approved by KHM Travel Group staff!

Push Pin Travel Map
Maps are a travel agent’s best friend and quickest reference guide. A highly detailed, elegant map from National Geographic is available with a variety of frame styles, and even comes with push pins to track your journeys — or your client’s!

Mug Warmer
Don’t let your morning mug get cold while you’re on the phone with a client or getting lost in travel research. A mug warmer will keep your coffee or tea toasty throughout the day, and it’s easy to toss in your carry-on when traveling!

Wireless Headset
A top-of-the-line headset is worth the price tag, especially for serious phone talkers. Most offer a wireless range, so you can head to the kitchen for more coffee without dropping your call!

Dry Erase Board Calendar
Dry erase board calendars comes in an array of charming colors, and is built to last. Easily keep track of your appointments and due dates, year after year.


These are just a few of the possibilities for enhancing your work area. As a home-based travel agent, you can truly make your office your own!

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